Friday, September 26, 2014

3 Things "Gotham" Needs to Watch Out For


Fox’s Gotham is promising to be one of the most unique, and potentially one of the best, comic book TV show adaptations in recent years. The show has gotten plenty right so far—from the nods to villains, to the atmosphere, and even choosing some great actors who know how to work with the material. But that doesn’t mean the show is perfect, and there are some pitfalls that Gotham needs to watch out for, unless it wants to end up in the same leagues as failed comic book adaptations that have come and gone before it. Let’s look at three things the show needs to avoid in order to stay at the top of its classy.

Too cheesy dialogue
It’s very easy for comic book adaptations to veer on the side of cheesy—the very nature of comic books makes them prone to over dramatic or over the top dialogue, especially in a franchise like Batman which has naturally gimmicky villains. It could be very easy for Gotham to veer into the cheesy side, especially if there are a few too many winks to Batman villains and other Batman media. Jokes and lighthearted nods are perfectly fine—and even welcome, especially in an age when comic book adaptations are often too dark and gritty—but they should be carefully written and not too abundant.

Focusing too much on Bruce
Gotham should be a prequel about—well, Gotham, and not just about Bruce Wayne. Although no franchise has actually covered his early childhood at great length, the show will do much better to tackle the history of Gotham as it descends instead of focusing solely on the young Bruce Wayne. Having James Gordon is the protagonist of the series was a stroke of genius, because it allows the show to explore different avenues of the early Gotham.

Being too literal with the canon
Gotham is, naturally, inspired by the many different adaptations of Batman. But that doesn’t mean it needs to be a carbon copy and, in order for the show to succeed, it shouldn’t be afraid to branch out on its own and make its own twists on the Batman canon. Villains don’t have to be exactly the same as they are in the comics, or the animated series, or any of the live action films—and likewise, the fates of the characters should be fluid, too.

3 Things "Gotham" Needs to Watch Out For

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sailor Moon Crystal Reveals New Animation for Blu-ray Release


Even diehard fans of Sailor Moon had to admit that the animation for the newly revived series, Sailor Moon Crystal, left much to be desired. Entire blogs have been dedicated to the mistakes and strange quirks of the animation, which often features limbs that suddenly look like they’ve turned to noodles, eyes that are on extreme sides of the face, and sometimes even ‘dead’ looking expressions—just to name a few problems.

The primary problem with the animation likely lies in the very low budget given to the team by Toei, who owns the copyright for the animated version of Sailor Moon. An extremely low budget means that the team doesn’t have the resources to spend additional time (and therefore, get paid money) on the series.

Thankfully, however, most of these problems with the animation may be swept aside when the show is released for home media on Blu-ray. The official Toei Animation YouTube page released a trailer for the Blu-ray version of the series, which showcased new animation that would appear on the Blu-ray version of the show’s episodes. The new animation was much more detailed, much more fluid, and it corrected most (but not all, of course) of the mistakes such as eyes that were too far apart, too small, and so on.

This trailer has been very well received by fans of the show from all over the world—the trailer was even a trending topic in Japan, where the animation has been especially harshly criticized in light of how hyped up the show was with various conferences and special events.

The reveal may also speak volumes about just how harsh the schedule to animate the show is for the creative team behind Sailor Moon Crystal. Shows are airing 2 weeks apart, which many fans at first believed was to ‘drag out’ the series as long as possible.

However given the low quality animation that appears throughout the show, it may be possible that Toei is making the animated team (as well as, potentially, the voice actor cast and other crew) animate each episode in 2 weeks rather than having them mostly finished before the series aired. This would explain the low quality as well as the desire for the team to go back and fix the animation, which may not be a reflection of their normal level of quality.

Sailor Moon Crystal Reveals New Animation for Blu-ray Release

Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Episodes of Supernatural That Will Scare Your Pants Off

SupernaturalSupernatural is one of the most unique shows on television. Although the storyline has now expanded much further beyond the original concept of the show—an almost anthology style mini horror movie each week, spearheaded by two monster/horror hunting brothers—the show still offers up plenty of chills, scares and spine tingling moments. Not surprisingly, there are many episodes of the show that will make you think twice about turning the lights off—or on!—when you’re alone in the dark. Let’s look at some of the scariest, creepiest episodes of Supernatural that will make you sleep with the covers over your head. (Not that the covers will actually keep the monsters away!)

No Exit

An episode that preys upon our natural fear of tight spaces and is a definite thriller for anyone with even mild claustrophobia. The episode centers on the ghost of H. H. Holmes, a real American serial killer, who kidnaps a woman and locks her in a tight, coffin-like box. Dean and Sam must crawl through dark, tight underground tunnels in order to reach her. The real terror of the episode comes from its darkness and claustrophobia, and the fact that—unlike most episodes of the show—it is devoid of witty banter and one liners.

Everybody Loves a Clown

Clowns are inherently scary for many people, and this episode preys upon the deep-rooted fear that many people have of these painted-face entertainers. In this episode, a mime clown tricks children into letting him into their home–but instead of making them balloon animals or pulling something out of their sleeves, they kill the children’s parents. The atmospheric lighting, brilliant performance by the creepy mime clown, and nearly natural fear we have of clowns make this episode one of the creepiest.

Bloody Mary

This episode from the show’s first season is one of the most iconic—and scariest—of all Supernatural episodes. In this episode, the infamous Bloody Mary is not only real—she’s deadly. Sam and Dean must figure out how to stop the murderous ghost who can haunt mirrors when she isn’t directly summoned.

3 Episodes of Supernatural That Will Scare Your Pants Off

Best Costumes of Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is ABC’S most popular show, and one of the most popular fantasy television shows to ever air. The show, which plays upon popular fairy tales, has received popular praise—though critical praise remains mixed—for its storylines, acting and most often, its costumes. The show has won several awards for its costumes, including an Emmy Award; a recent exhibition at a fashion museum in California showcased some of the show’s most iconic costumes, including Snow White’s “forest” outfit and several of the Evil Queen’s fantastic and decidedly evil dresses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the very best costumes from this popular fairy tale show.

Cora’s “Queen of Hearts” Gown

Once-upon-a-timeThis costume did not appear in the show for very long, but the level of detail in the costume makes it one of the most outstanding costumes in the show. The costume features an ivory gown with a ‘crossed’ pattern that is embroidered with gold-tinged pearls; over the base ivory gown is a blood-red coat gown, which features embroidery details and a rich luxurious fabric. A ruby crown completes the “Queen of Hearts” look.

Aurora’s Purple Gown

Fans of the Disney adaptation of Sleeping Beauty will get a kick out of the fact that Princess Aurora is not wearing pink or blue… but a pastel purple, a combination of the two. The show really excels with its fairytale-esque gowns, and Aurora’s delicate, fairy-like purple gown is no exception. The dress features details including bodice lacing, embroidery, and a subtle pattern that give the dress plenty of richness.

Cinderella’s Blue Ball Gown

The blue ball gown conjured up by Rumpelstiltskin is nothing less than a fairy tale’s dream. The dress features a slightly luminescent fabric, decorated with beaded embroidery and flower details that create an elegant, yet beautiful and definitely “princess-like” costume that nods at the Disney adaptation without directly copying it. And, of course, a pair of delicate glass slippers completes the look!

Best Costumes of Once Upon a Time

Best of Kristin Chenoweth"s TV Roles

Kristin Chenoweth is one of the most beloved films, stage and television stars of the 20th and 21st centuries. She is perhaps best well known for her work in music and theater—such as her role as the first Glinda in the now-hit musical Wicked—due to her easily recognized singing voice. But in addition to her work on the stage and in the music industry, she has also done plenty of work on television. How do her TV roles measure up? Let’s look at the best of Kristin Chenoweth’s TV work.

Annabeth Schott in The West Wing

AnnabethSchottKristin Chenoweth joined The West Wing for seasons six and seven as Annabeth Schott. Annabeth was the Deputy Press Secretary for Media Relations, who–despite her talent for speaking–was always anxious when she was required to conduct a formal press briefing. The character resigned from her White House position at the end of season 6 in order to help Leo McGarry in the Democratic Convention 2006 running. She and Leo shared a somewhat romantic tension, although it was mostly one-sided.

Kristin’s organic, funny and even heartfelt performance as the nervous but ambitious Annabeth have led her character to be one of the most memorable supporting roles in the series.

Olive Snook in Pushing Daisies

Kristin’s role in the cult-favorite Pushing Daisies is perhaps her most memorable and most well received. Kristin won the Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy series for her performance as Olive Snook. In the show, Olive is a waitress who falls in love with Ned, the protagonist, but who is often thwarted in her attempts to pursue a romantic and serious relationship with him. At the end of the series, she begins a new relationship with a new character, a taxidermist, to signify that she is finally able to move on from her one-sided love.

Carlene Cockburn in GCB

The short-lived show GCB (Good Christian Bitches–a title which was quickly changed to Good Christian Belles) premiered on ABC in 2011-2012, although it was cancelled after only one 10-episode season. Kristin played Carlene Cockburn, the show’s main antagonist, who attempts to ruin the life of Amanda Vaughn, who has returned to her home town. Kirstin turned in a catty, fun performance in a show that ended too soon.

Best of Kristin Chenoweth"s TV Roles

More of The Tomorrow People

Science fiction shows are a staple of television programming since shortly after the TV set was invented. Shows about the supernatural, shows with the paranormal as the focus and others created in a similar vein have populated the boob tube for a long time. In the 21st Century, supernatural shows are all the rage, combining both the paranormal and sci-fi action to create an exciting hybrid that have thrilled audiences with their tense storytelling.the-tomorrow-people42

With The Tomorrow People, a show about the next evolution of humankind, we have a combination of the supernatural and science fiction that goes beyond what has been seen before.

The Tomorrow People involves the race of homo superior, people with the powers of telepathy, teleportation and telekinesis. Stephen Jameson doesn’t know it, but he is a member of them and all of a sudden he is plunged into a world where others of his kind are fleeing a secret organization called Ultra.

He winds up working for Ultra in order to subvert their activities and help the other Tomorrow People but also to find out what happened to his father. The first couple of episodes deal with him attempting to play both sides in the conflict to accomplish these goals. It is not an easy job for Stephen, as his loyalties are sorely pressed and his internal strife is quite daunting. Emotionally, he is torn.

In the third episode, things get even more complicated for Stephen when he meets a new partner, a fellow telepath that could potentially learn who he is really working for. The other Tomorrow People find out a way to get into the Ultra mainframe computer if they have Stephen’s help. They succeed but Cara’s past catches up to her when the mainframe comes up with the name of a new Tomorrow Person. They track this person down but it winds up being a trap and Cara gets captured.

Stephen becomes convinced to by Ultra to stop Cara’s powers and he fools them into believing that he has. Later, he is at a party and telepathically hears one of his fellow classmates think about committing suicide but as he would only expose his people’s powers if he intervenes and helps her, he can do nothing. Instead, he gets Cara to help out without using her powers; so the secret is safe with them but not for long. One of Stephen’s friends Astrid sees him teleporting and confronts him.

The rest of Cara’s past comes out and we learn that she had been a deaf girl accused of killing a boy but she was in fact only defending herself when she used her powers.

She had only discovered her powers at that moment when she was attacked. Cara regained her hearing at that moment and spoke to her dad. Her father in turn gave her enough money to run away and Cara left before saying goodbye to her younger sister. That was five years ago and Cara is still reeling from the incident.

This program is deeply entrenched in this idea of family loyalty and the history there in and how it effects the present. Cara is troubled by what happened to her those years ago and is still facing the ramifications of it after the series begins. Stephen of course is still trying to come to terms with not only his powers but also what his father and mother were; they were also Tomorrow People and Stephen is still trying to track down what happened to his dad, all the while attempting to fool his uncle, who is the leader of Ultra, his enemy.

There are no easy answers and each member of the cast is doing what they think is right for themselves. No villain thinks they are the villain and that has never been truer than on The Tomorrow People, a sci-fi thriller with drama.

More of The Tomorrow People

Why Claire Holt Really Left the Originals

It was recently announced that Claire Holt, who plays the ancient vampire Rebekah, intends to leave The Originals after her contract—which includes a total of 16 episodes—is over. As soon as this announcement hit cyberspace, however, the fandom was abuzz with rumors and speculation.

Why did Claire Holt leave? Was it an amiable leave? Was she forced out? Some fans speculated that she had become tired with how the character of Rebekah was being written in the show—and, it is true that the character of Rebekah in the current episodes of The Originals is a far cry from the original (no pun intended) direction that the character was taking. Other fans speculated that there may have been some sort of behind the scenes drama with Claire Holt and fellow The Originals actors—or even with the show’s writer.

Rumors that she had been fired from the show, or that she had left in a hurry, circled around and around until no one could be quite sure why Holt was really leaving.


Thankfully, Claire Holt has spoken up about leaving the show—and set the record straight with the truth. Holt, who read about the internet rumors shortly after the announcement, decided she wanted to talk about the issue so that people did not get the wrong idea about her leaving the show.

According to Holt, it was her decision to leave the show–she was not forced out, fired, or otherwise coerced from her role. Claire Holt stated in an interview that she made the tough decision to not renew her contract because she wanted to move closer to home so she could be with her friends, family and other loved ones. “It was a tough choice,” she admitted, “… because I was enjoying myself so much.” Hot also admitted that because of the show’s demanding schedule, she had been unable to visit her home for years and had not been able to visit with her family, which was a crucial factor in her ultimate decision.

Holt also admitted that she reviews her leaving from the show as a “temporary absence.”

This could point to the possibility for Claire—and the character of Rebekah—to return to The Originals or the Vampire Diaries in the future; whether it may be for reoccurring episodes or a special guest spot. Here is to hoping!

Why Claire Holt Really Left the Originals

Emily Gets Hot on The Bachelotette – Sends Kalon Packing!

It’s getting real now.  The count of men is down to ten as Emily furthers her search for love on her trip to London. Ricki is having a blast as she shoots a photo of her mom in front of Buckingham Palace, and Emily is still working on figuring out which of these men will make a good husband and father for her package deal of true love.

As the dates are handed out in London, it’s not clear which one is the luckiest, Sean or Emily.  Sean is such a sweet hunk and he is one really nice guy. The two take the town in from the top of a tour bus and stop for a picture in front of the Palace balcony where Prince William and Kate shared their very first public kiss as husband and wife. It’s a tradition as Emily and Sean also share a kiss there.

As they move along, they come upon a place, “Speakers Corner” where Sean steps up to the podium and spews sweetness about love. Emily is taken by him and what he said.  The two steal away in the night for dinner in the Tower of London. Sean is Ems’ prisoner of love and neither of them want the night to end as she gives him the rose.

Meanwhile, the group date brought out some interesting personalities as Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, and Kalon head for Stratford-Upon-Avon where they will be performing scenes as a tribute to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at his birthplace.  All the men except Chris and Arie will play Romeo with Ems being Juliet for each of them. Chris and Arie will be the nurse.

Although uncomfortable, most of the guys have fun with it.  Kalon hits strike two when he sends Ems away to practice and Arie impresses her with his part as the nurse. Ryan also nails his part as he steals more than one kiss from his Juliet along with a gift to end the evening.  Hopefully she can see through his transparency. Ryan is slick and she knows it.  Hopefully she will figure it out before she makes a big mistake with such an arrogant man.

Chris steps up and tells the guys about Kalon’s comment about Ricki and Ems. Doug calls Kalon on the carpet and then fills Emily in about Kalon. Emily heads out to confront Kalon and tells him what a blessing Ricki is and then shows him the door. Strike three, he’s out! Emily was so upset by the whole thing she doesn’t even give out a rose for the night. She only wants to be with Ricki.

The next day, Ems wants to find out if Jef is real and surprises him with tea complete with an etiquette lesson that they both dish out on to spend some alone time. They head out to a local pub as Jef lets Ems know that he did stand up for her with Kalon.  She is still bothered by his reserved demeanor but after a romantic desert atop the London Eye, they engage in some passionate conversation and she decides to give him the rose. Later, they finally share some kisses, something Emile has been waiting on from Jef.

The cocktail party before the rose ceremony was tense to say the least as Ems puts the guys on the spot as she needs to know they have her back. Arie is nervous and she feels he did not stand up for her.  Ryan on the other hand, still spews his confidence as he ends his balcony scene by giving her a kiss. Yuk! On to the good part of the party, Emily also shares a little dance and another kiss with Sean.  Go Sean!

It’s wasn’t hard to figure out that Alejandro was going home tonight although seeing an arrogant Ryan hit the road would be nice, maybe next week.  Things are getting interesting now as Emily and the eight remaining men will travel to Croatia to spend some time.

Emily Gets Hot on The Bachelotette – Sends Kalon Packing!

No Solos on the Singing Sensations of "Duets"

It’s been show after show of endless solo performances and critiques of numerous contestants this year, but the Duets show offers a refreshing twist as they perform in duos of harmony.  It’s exciting to hear and watch two people singing together, especially when one of them happens to be a talented seasoned celebrity. The first season of the new ABC singing contest adds more excitement and interaction to the performances, something a little different for a change.

Although this was the first time these contestants had been on the flashy Duets stage, all eight performed decently overall. It’s a hard task to sing in front of a national audience, not to mention how they feel as they perform with some of the biggest names in the industry who are already seasoned. The new talent performed with confidence for the most part, showing off their skills and ability alongside their professional partners, actually giving these contestants a bigger challenge than other singing shows.

Acting as mentors and performers too, the four stars were as spectacular as expected.  However, when it was time for them to judge the Duets peers, that part of the show may be lacking. While Kelly Clarkston has revealed that the Duets show is not about tearing people down but about giving positive honest feedback, the judge’s comments just seem a little too soft for even being honest across the board. If everybody that sings gets a “good job,” “I loved your voice,” or “beautiful,’ then what good does that do for the contestants?

The theme of the new ABC show focuses mostly on being successful at partnering vocally in perfect harmony rather than the voice alone. That’s the reason a very talented singer ended up being the first eliminated.  It wasn’t about the lack of talent, but the fact that she had no chemistry with her partner. It’s just a different kind of singing show and even weighs heavily on song choice for the Duet, which by the way are chosen by the judges themselves.

The night was long for Robin Thicke as he shared the stage with his partner Olivia Chisolm. They performed Beyonce’s Crazy in Love. His idea for doing the number had to do with bringing out her inner diva and building confidence. Unfortunately, he did not accomplish his task as he quickly learned that he didn’t fit well into hip-hop himself, and Olivia did not bring it on the original.  What a mess!

Luckily, the duo came through the night with just enough support and votes from the other judges on the panel to squeak by the elimination this week. However, Robin was not so lucky with his second partner of the night, Alexis Foster, as they hit the stage in an awkward rendition of Killing Me Softly.

Alexis ended up in the bottom two with timid and insecure young Jason Farol. While Jason broke out of his shell more this week to boost his confidence as he sang “Hallalujah,” with seasoned partner Kelly Clarkston, it simply was not enough to avoid his hitting the bottom two again this week.  As Jason and Alexis compete in an a cappella solo of their choice for a duel to the death, Jason won the round as the judges keep him around for another chance to redeem himself for the Duets title next week.

No Solos on the Singing Sensations of "Duets"

Ratings An Issue For FOX

Fox has dominated viewer ratings charts, like Neilson, for several seasons. The network has programming that includes reality shows like the hit series “American Idol”, and other shows that the viewing public just can’t seem to get enough of. This winning streak may be broken, however, with the ratings from new shows, such as “Take Me Out” and “The Choice”, slipping in viewership, after their premiers. These shows are a part of Fox’s summer lineup. So far, they do not have the ratings to garner a second season.

Last Thursday, it was decided that ABC was the nightly winner. The network averaged more viewers with its airing of the NBA Finals, than Fox did with its reality shows.

In all fairness, there are die-hard fans that are loyal to their teams. These fans wouldn’t miss their games for anything, so at this point, maybe it’s not about the content of the programming on Fox. Maybe it’s just about die-hard fans, cheering their favorite players and teams on.

“Take Me Out” shines a light on the dating world of single women. At the beginning of the show, 30 women are given podiums. The women are then shown a bachelor that has to pass the inspection. If he doesn’t pass inspection, they press their button, and the light on the podium goes off. If they do like him, the lights stay on. Throughout this process, the women are also eliminated. By the time the final round comes along, there are two finalists and one bachelor that is allowed to choose between the two of the.

This show is based off the British version of “Take Me Out”, and that was based off the Australian program, “Taken Out”.

On the show “The Choice”, four American celebrities are given the opportunity to go out with non-famous people. The show is set up so that these celebrities sit in chairs that revolve. With each round, the non-famous hopefuls are whittled down until there three dates for the three celebrity bachelors or bachelorettes.

The show will feature male celebrities on five of the episodes. These celebrities included Joe Jonas, Tyson Beckford, Dean Cain, Talyor Hicks, Rocco Dispirito, Rob Kardashian, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Warren Sapp, and others. On at least one show, the celebrities are female. Among the eligible dates for these are Hope Dworaczyk and Carmen Electra, Sophie Monk and Rima Fakih.

“The Choice” is being hosted by Cat Deeley. It airs on Fox, on Thursday nights at 9:00 pm. “Take Me Out” airs on Fox at 8:00 pm, on Thursday.

Currently, the shows are getting mixed reviews. Some viewers liked the new formatting of an old idea. Does “The Dating Game” ring any bells? Others are disappointed that the number one network on television has produced programming that is being called “cheesy”. So, whether it was for a lack of interest, or due to the fact that basketball fans had to get their fix, the fate of these two shows is still being decided.

Ratings An Issue For FOX

ABC’s “Revenge” Absolution Series Leads up to Season Finale

Placing a rose on her father’s grave as she gently brushes off the snow, Emily is compiling a list of all the prisoners who accompanied her father in his cell block when he was killed. Charlotte shares a photo with Emily of her father that she found hidden in her mother’s jewelry box.  The date on the picture is the same as the day David Clarke was killed.

Emily notices a journal in David’s hand in the photo and it is not one that was in the Infinity Box.  She realizes that Nolan has kept it from her. He was trying to protect David’s legacy. Initials, “CM,” in the journal just happen to be Carol Miller, Conrad’s secretary. Emily takes to the internet to find out that she died just a few days after David was killed, but Emily digs deep enough to find that Miller is still alive and pays her a visit. She poses as an officer of Homeland Security, but is stunned when she notices a picture of Miller and Nolan. With a shotgun pointed at her head, Emily is spared when Nolan comes running it to save her as he tells “aunt Carol” to lower the weapon.

Nolan shares with Emily that Carol believed Clarke was innocent and dug around Grayson for the truth as she discovered Roger Halsted who had info to put Grayson away and set Clarke free.  Unfortunately, Clarke was murdered before that could happen. Carol’s death was faked by Nolan to keep her safe, but she shares info about a white haired man that she did not know a name for as more info for Emily to run with.

Meanwhile, Declan tries to help Charlotte by ratting her drug abuse to the schools headmaster in order to force rehab for her. Victoria takes Charlotte to Clarke’s grave, hoping to give her answers as they notice someone else has been there and placed a rose on it.

Jack talks to Emily about what she is getting into by marrying into the Grayson family, but their talk is interrupted by the call that Daniel is getting released from prison and she leaves. As they leave the prison, their car was vandalized and Emily tells Daniel he needs to do an interview to clear up his story.

Next, Victoria meets with an ESC officer asking for immunity for information to put her husband away, while Conrad gets the word that the feds are seizing his files from the office. Daniel asks his father for the truth and gets it. He now knows that Lee Morgan’s suicide note was bogus and that his dad had him killed. Before he says more, he makes Daniel promise to take care of the business and Charlotte. He then reveals the info about David Clarke.  Emily is getting every word as she previously bugged the office.

Finally, Daniel reveals all the details of the night of the murder in the interview.  Email is happy as she thinks Daniel is going to come clean about the Grayson’s right when he flip-flops, painting a picture of his father as a victim. Conrad is happy and Victoria is furious as she knows Daniel is a true Grayson. Just after Victoria fires the family reporter, Ashley, Conrad hires her on the condition that he have her loyalty. Emily still plans to marry Daniel, but intends to track down and kill the white haired prison guard who killed her father and met with Conrad Grayson.

ABC’s “Revenge” Absolution Series Leads up to Season Finale

"The Walking Dead" Consequences

It looks like season three of “The Walking Dead” is heating up to be the best season yet. In the last five episodes, fans have tuned in to watch some of the most shocking turn of events to have hit the series so far.

At the end of episode four, Rick Grimes, the leader of the survivors that have made a camp in the prison, learned that he had just lost his wife. His wife, Lori, and he have been estranged since Grimes killed Shane. When the group made it into the prison, it looked as if there could possibly be reconciliation between Lori and Rick, but an ex-prisoner Grimes left for dead exacted revenge by letting in the walkers, and Lori paid the price.

At the beginning of episode five, Rick is facing the reality of his past decisions, and the consequences those decisions led to. He learned he lost his wife, gained a newborn baby and that his son had to shoot his own mother to prevent her from turning. His son had to commit an act that would be difficult for an adult, he lost his estranged wife when the two were making progress and he lost three more members of his group- Lori, TDog and Carol. The last anyone saw of Rick for the first of the show was as he was picking up an axe and heading into a zombie-infested prison, alone. By the end of the episode, he’d found a zombie that looked like it may have finished off the remains of his dead wife, and he heard the phone ring. He’s lost his mind and the precarious balance the group had gained back in the prison is hanging by a thread.

Things aren’t looking any better for Michonne and Andrea in Woodbury. Michonne did some investigating, allowing herself into the Governor’s quarters. She didn’t find the zombie daughter of the Governor, but she did find the other zombie captives. She also found the Governor’s journal, which displayed the beginnings of a mental breakdown that goes way beyond anything that shows on the glossy surface of his public façade. After the discovery of the zombie captives, kept for participation in a gladiator-style competition, Michonne shows offer her kitanna skills and the Governor learns who he’s playing with.

Michonne won’t just go along with the status quo, Andrea wants to take the easy road by staying within the confines of the town, Woodbury and more of the Governor’s madness is being revealed bit by bit. Michonne and Andrea part ways. Andrea sees a side of Woodbury and the Governor she’s never seen and doesn’t agree with. But, now that the two have split up, Andrea is just going to have to wait the situation out, if she can, to see what comes next.

The good news is that the infant girl that was born will survive. Darryl and Maggie went for a run, in search of formula and baby supplies. The entire group is happy about a new addition in the group.

"The Walking Dead" Consequences

Under $1000 Camera for Christmas? Canon EOS Rebel T3i

If you are a Canon fan and you thought the 60D cost too much for what it offered, you will know you were right when you experience the EOS Rebel T3i, its younger and cheaper sibling model. Offering a body that is not quite as well constructed cutting a corner or two, it is a basic camera with a burst of shooting speed. Some reviews speculated it as a little more expensive camera than the T2i, equipped with the addition of an exceptional LCD and good for people that love “auto” mode photography.

No matter how you look at it, the T3i is a good design of its predecessor.  It does seem to cater more to video shooters than those of still photo photography. From cameras to laptops, the industry manufacturers and designers are forcing next generation technology on consumers. Looking at the cost, the T3i weighs in at a great price an just under $600.

While the Canon EOS Rebel T3i offers exceptional video capabilities and image quality, it is a great choice for videographers with its LCD and solid choice for creative still operators. However, if you are looking to shoot a lot of sports or family photos, the T3i may not be able to give you the outcome you are looking for.  If you take both video and still photos, the controls can be difficult and frustrating to get used to using.

Even though it takes some getting used to, it is important to know that the T3i made no compromises on still photo quality. Offering a reliable noise profile like that of the 60D, the unit’s JPEGs come out very clear and vivid.  Noting that you would have to step up to ISO 400 to get good clean outdoor action photos and sufficient shutter speed, it’s a matter of getting familiar with the unit to achieve the results you want to have.

Canon is notorious for processing JPEG formats although it loses some optimization for exposure at the ISO 1600 level. Most of the time photos will look great on the default settings or “auto” shots, but playing with the settings will teach you to maximize your photo shooting potential and educate yourself on how to best use it.  For instance, setting the unit to neutral and raising the sharpening level makes colors come to life as they are accurate and edges are sharper. Metering and exposures are consistent and predictable once you get the T3i set to your application.

You can’t top the video with sharp edges and delivery at 45Mbps speed. Offering the identical exceptional frame rates and exposure controls as the 60D, the T3i allows highlight tone adjustment priority for fine-tuning. Boasting a built in mono mic, the camera actually sounds very good and also offers wind filtering. Users will also enjoy the Video Snapshot feature as featured on Canon camcorders as a bonus so you’ll be able to snap 8 second clips. Check it out.  It just might be what Santa ordered!

Under $1000 Camera for Christmas? Canon EOS Rebel T3i

Twin Peaks

A show comes along that so grips the TV watching public that it enters into rarified air, in both the canon of television and the minds and thoughts of the public.  Twin Peaks was such a show, blending gritty crime drama with surrealism, which we would suspect no less of David Lynch, a director who is know for his twisted, meandering narratives and depth of storytelling.

twin_peaksTwin Peaks is hard to define as far as genre is concerned because there are some freaky, supernatural elements to it yet it is goofy and funny at times.  I really liked that about the show.  Horror comedy is one of my favorite cross genres and when it works, it works well.  Though it is tough to blend genres like this, Twin Peaks did an admirable job and though it only made it for 2 seasons and 30 episodes, it was one of those shows that crossed cultural gaps and made an impact on our shared, popular culture.

It begins with one of the best pilot episodes in television history.  A young girl has been murdered in a small town, a homecoming queen no less, and it is up to the FBI to track down the killer.  Who Killed Laura Palmer became as big a TV conundrum as Who Shot JR from Dallas back in the 1980’s.  Twin Peaks was the 90’s version of that TV watershed moment.

Everyone tuned in to see what would happen with the investigation.  As the series progressed, we got to know the characters better and those we believed to be sweet and innocent were much more than they appeared, as many of them were shown to be living double lives.  Webs within webs, twists and turns aplenty, Twin Peaks delved into the seedy side of small town life and the reality became shocking at times.

Characters on the show were sketchy to say the least, including the main thrust of the first season, Laura Palmer.  She was not the good natured sweetheart many believed she was.  It was intriguing to watch and learn the real story behind what was presented on the surface.

Twin Peaks

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

I loved the Disney Afternoon from the 1980’s to death.  It was a tremendously fun block of time that I looked forward to everyday.  I couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy me some Duck Tales or Gummi Bears.  As much as I loved Duck Tales, I think The Adventures of the Gummi Bears was my favorite.

disneygummieadventuresI’ve always liked fantasy, ever since I read The Hobbit and with the Gummi Bears set in a fantasy world, this combination of fun animation and whacky rules, like them drinking Gummi juice and being able to bounce around like maniacs, and a fantasy setting, was enough to place it high on my list of all time favorites.

The Gummis are supposed to be only the stuff of myth and legend in this world, there are very few people that know they exist, and live their lives on the outskirts of society, the woods for example.  Way back in ancient times, this was not true and humans and Gummis lived together peacefully but times have changed.  They filter in and out of the goings on of the humans in the kingdom, often helping them out of troubling situations, most of which are caused by Duke Igthorn and his band of dim-witted ogres.

Great series have great villains and The Gummi Bears are no exception.  I loved Igthorn and his pathetic attempts to get the secret to the Gummi Berry juice or take over the human’s castle Dunwin.  He always failed of course but the fun was in rooting for him because he was so pitiful you almost wanted him to make it.

The Gummi Bears would stop him or his ogres would fail him or something else would happen at the last minute that saved the day.  It was really fun watching the antics of the ogres, big, slow and dumb, against the Gummis, small, sweet and fast.

The show was most often broken up into segments, with two paired off with each half hour episode.  I liked that.  It made the show feel even exciting and faster paced.

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

Mad About You

Good sitcoms and great screen chemistry are more difficult to manage than people think.  With Mad About You, a show set in New York City about a newly married couple, we got both in spades.  It jumped the shark in my opinion because of the addition of a baby but whatever, the 7 seasons and 164 episodes represents a very solid run for a show with so simple a premise.

madaboutyouIt begins right after they get married and much of the humor derives from them getting adjusted to themselves as a young couple but also from them living in New York City, the setting for a lot of sitcoms, including Seinfeld, Friends and How I Met Your Mother.  Paul Buchman (Paul Reiser the actor) and Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt the actress) live together in the Manhattan neighborhood of Union Square.

Paul went to New York University and struggled for a while as a documentary filmmaker before making a living out of it in New York.  Jaime had many boyfriends in college and when she met Paul, they got married and she settled down.  A bit.  She is still sassy, like her mother, and a lot of the comedy in the series came from the conflicts that arose with her mom.

The rapid fire dialogue and snap timing of the two leads added to much of the appeal and there was rarely a dull moment on Mad About You, especially when you add in their dog, a border collie mix named Murray.  The dog was crazy, just like his mommy and daddy and Paul was actually walking him when he met Jaime, so the animal is as much to thank for their chance encounter as anything.  Serendipity is a great thing sometimes.

There were tons of other characters on the show, all filtering in and out of their lives when the mood struck the writers to inject some new energy into the concept of filming two people living together.  That was fine.  They were great characters and the show worked, but it was nice when other people invaded their space and brought some fresh perspective on the proceedings.

Mad About You

The Sopranos

I will admit now that I never got that deep into The Sopranos when it was on.  I watched it.  It was okay.  I don’t think it deserves its lofty position as one of the greatest television programs of all time, but it is a well put together show.  Being from HBO, the production values are fantastic of course but what makes it so amazing?

theSopranosIt is solid.  I get it.  The Sopranos, a show about a crime boss, his family and his organization in New Jersey, is a well made show with fantastic acting and good writing.  It is entertaining but for me, a little clichéd.  The mobsters are all what you would expect.  Smoking, drinking Italian Americans wearing jogging outfits.  I’ve seen it all before.  It’s nothing special in that area.

For an HBO show, it had an amazing amount of longevity, reaching 86 episodes in 6 seasons.  Most don’t get that far because of high production costs.  The Sopranos was no different in that regard; it may not have been as high a cost as something along the lines of Rome for example, but they spared no expense for Tony Soprano and his crew, including many other fantastic character actors.

James Gandolfini played the lead role of Tony and ruled both his family and mafia crew with an iron fist.  He liked to drink, he liked to smoke, he liked to fool around with women at the local strip club they ran and he also liked to walk the line between danger and life.  Was it all worth it?  Being a mobster is not the safest job to have, even for a tough, street smart guy like Tony.  They gave him a lot of great dialogue and storylines to work with and Gandolfini played it up well.

The ending, fading to black on a waiting Tony and leaving it up to the viewer to decide what may or may not happen next, is the source of much controversy but I’m okay with it.  It takes guts to end a show like that and I respect that brave choice.

The Sopranos

Adroid Threats From Google Play Applications

When it comes to search engines, apps and information in general, Google is one of the most trusted names in the business. Google has millions of loyal followers, some following and trusting Google products simply for the Google name. However, that might soon be a thing of the past.

There have been over 100,000 applications for Android that have been called into question, as being either questionable or suspicious. These apps are available through Google Play, the online store where Google offers hundreds of thousands of apps for its Android OS.

Currently, there more than 400,000 apps available through Google Play. With as much as 100,000 being called into question, it’s a sure bet that most Google Play shoppers have come into contact with at least one of these high risk apps. With a number that high, that is almost a solid 25% of all Android applications that may not be safe for the average consumer to download on his or her smartphone, tablet, or other device.

Bit9, a security software firm that did an analysis of these apps and their security permissions, says that of these 100,000 apps, around 72% of these apps have one or more high-risk permission. Furthermore, the company said their analysis revealed that around 42% of these apps use GPS data gleaned from games, utilities and wallpapers. Bit9 also said reported that around 31% could access phone numbers and calls made, and that 26% of these apps access contacts and other personal information like email. The last 9% is reportedly using permissions that can actually charge the user money.

Harry Sverdlove, Bit9’s chief technology officer, gave a statement on the findings, saying that a substantial number of the Google Play apps have access to what can be considered by users as sensitive and personal information. Sverdlove said it is raises a red flag when an app for wallpaper sends a request for GPS data. Sverdlove finished his statement by saying when as much as a quarter of the apps Android users are accessing can read email and contacts, this is an area of great concern when these users are in the work place.

All of this scrutiny comes in with the Internet Crime Complaint Center of the FBI. This department has discovered malware that specifically targets the Android OS, and its users. In response to these newly discovered threats, companies like T-Mobile are preloading their Android devices with a free security app. The company hopes this will discourage and deflect the onslaught of malware and viruses that Android users have to deal with now.

With the coming Christmas season, and the high threat level from identity theft, Android users would benefit from reading the ULA from any app they want to download to their device. The few extra minutes it takes to read through the agreement can give added peace of mind and possibly stop spyware from getting personal or sensitive information. Now, more than any other time of the year, fraud is a danger.

Adroid Threats From Google Play Applications

The Wonder Years

Nostalgia rears its multi-splintered head yet again with another show from my childhood.  I loved that it took place exactly twenty years before each season was filmed in real time, from 1968-1973 on the show and 1988- 1993, respectively.  That was kind of fun, to see the past so joyfully spelled out for us every week.

TheWonderYearsThe show centered on the young life of Kevin Arnold, played by Fred Savage and his quest to win the heart of Winnie Cooper, all the while fighting with his older brother and finding new ways to annoy his parents.  He was the typical teenager everyman, appealing to kids and adults, as all of us can relate to unrequited love and hard times at school or family squabbles.

I like the show overall.  It was fun and cute but the narration, voiced by an adult Arnold, got irritating after a while.  So did the constant gibber jabbering about Winnie.  Get over her already, buddy!  There are plenty of fish in the sea and she treats him like crap most of the time anyway so what is the big deal?  Move on and let’s have a different plotline once in a while, yeah?  Ugh.

And I didn’t like his friend Paul all that much either because of the constant whining.  Kevin was a good character and when he yelled at Paul to man up, I was right there with him.  I know they are kids but give it a rest for a bit.  Tomorrow is another day.

It hit a lot of the right notes about what it’s like to grow up during those times, at least from what older people have told.  My mom said once that the 60’s and early 70’s were very well represented there.  It was not just about that, though.  It was about the characters and their lives and how they related to each other and that is the real strength of the show.  Their trials and tribulations made people tune in week after week.

With 6 seasons and 115 episodes, The Wonder Years had a respectable run and enjoys popularity to this day.

The Wonder Years

Last Week On "Alcatraz"...

“Alcatraz” fans got a back-to-back treat last night, having two new episodes to watch in the same sitting. The two episodes revealed more for viewers, like the prison warden might still be alive, and that he may be a defining force behind the current state of affairs. For the characters, this information, along with a treasure hunt for the lost gold supposedly hid on the island, set Officer Donovan and the Ames brothers on the chase. To complicate matters, Sonny Burnett makes his presence known, again, and Dr. Beauregard discovers the alarming speed that the 63‘s are healing with.

If suspense is what viewers wanted with the first episode, they got it. A nasty murder scene in the beginning of the show set the tone. The edgy feeling is compounded by a storm that killed the lights. No lights made for a very eerie search, done with flashlights.

The first show centered around the Ames brothers, with their partner-in-crime, a prison guard named Donovan. The two brothers and Donovan first appear in the story line as treasure hunters in the 60’s, looking for the legend of lost gold, supposedly hidden on the island.

Their scheme to find the gold includes making a copy of a mysterious key, which only the warden has. How do they get access to a key held by the warden, himself? They fake a spiritual cleansing and try to “borrow” the key from the warden. Once caught, Donovan took the brunt of the punishment and another lost his finger with a meat saw.

While Warden James assured the Ames brothers that their efforts were in vain, the episode ended with him gloating over a pile of gold bars. So, for all intents and purposes for “Alcatraz”, there is gold to be found!

Their desire for the gold was so strong that when the Ames brothers and Donovan reappear in the present, young again, they go back to their original plan. It might have worked out for them this time, but Detective Madsen kills the Ames brothers.

The second episode to be shown last night, episode 9, was a little calmer. It answers some questions about the time-defying good health and young age the former inmates are keeping. It also shows more about Burnett, laying out more of the background story and how it ties into his current presence on the show. It outlines his plot for vengeance against the Helen, the escaped kidnap victim that told on him to the authorities. Once captured by Madsen, Burnett is given to Dr. Beauregard for testing. After a blood test, Dr. Beauregard announces the disappointing news that Burnett’s blood does not contain the colloidal silver that was a common factor in the blood of other former inmates. So, if it’s not the silver that brings about the miraculous youth and healing, what is it? Their hopes for Dr. Banerjee are dampened, but their research will continue.

The series seems to be posing more questions than it answers in a single episode.

Last Week On "Alcatraz"...

"NCIS" Recap

This week’s “NCIS” opens as Gibbs is called to help the living. Petty Officer Leland Wiley has offered sensitive information as leverage for a plea bargain on his upcoming drug charge. Since Wiley mentions the name “Agah Bayar”, a known arms dealer, Gibbs agrees to deal. The investigation starts when the officer collapses before he even gets to deal with Gibbs.

Ducky finds out Wiley had a pacemaker. Abby does her technological magic and finds out the pace maker was remotely accessed through the internet. The rhythm was adjusted to accelerate the petty officer’s heartbeat, causing a premature heart attack. After Abbie and McGee trace the internet activity as far as they can, with no acceptable results, Abbie has to reach out to a friend at NASA. In the course of them working together, McGee finds out that Abbie and the probie, Dorneget, are spending time together at Abbie’s house.

In trying to track down Agah Bayar, the team finds surveillance pictures of him and his girlfriend, Ms. Baransky. Ms. Baransky is a supermodel, and has been spotted jet-setting with American movie stars and a prince, among other high profile people, so the team does not put her on the suspect list. However, they do need to question her.

During the course of the investigation, Zeva has to face her fear of public speaking due to being volunteered by Director Vance. In Zeva’s absence, the new probie is volunteered to take her place as a field agent. Gibbs sends McGee and Dorneget to go pick the beautiful Ms. Baransky up for questioning.

The new probie, has been awkwardly trying to get in Gibbs’ good graces and failing. The opportunity he has been waiting for finally comes with Ms. Baransky, but, on an unscheduled bathroom break, Ms. Baransky disappears. The probie is embarrassed to be found handcuffed, gagged with his own tie. McGee, after seeing Dorneget’s apparently smitten behavior, accuses him of being taken in by her beauty, but Dorneget volunteers that he is gay. On the ride back, he asks McGee not to mention this new information to his coworkers. McGee agrees.

Tony is predictably smitten with Bayar’s girlfriend, and has questions for the probie when he gets back. Neither he nor McGee mention that he is gay. Dorneget gives Tony a description of the woman’s beauty, as it was seen in up close, and Tony doesn’t suspect a thing.

It’s discovered Ms. Baransky has been in on it, buying an American weapon from Bayar, supplied by Wiley. Right after Ms. Baransky escapes custody, Gibbs calls McGee to tell him to let her go. Gibbs isn’t told that the suspect escaped on her own.

But there’s another twist. The whole thing was a trap, set by the DEA. It’s not until the end of the show that Gibbs finds out Bayar was working for both sides in this deal.  The show ends with Bayar mocking Gibbs. Apparently, he didn’t know who he was messing with. Gibbs was not amused.

"NCIS" Recap

"The Walking Dead" Recap

“The Walking Dead” is one of the highest ranked cable TV shows of all time. It currently shows on AMC on Sunday nights, for more than eight million loyal viewers.

For those that have fallen behind, the show is in its second season, on the eleventh episode. The season has brought about a couple of surprises, a few losses and more than a graphic, in-your-face grit and gore that has reached to all age groups.

Currently, the group of survivors is still being lodged on the property of a now retired veterinarian. The lost girl, Sophia, has been found, and Dale knows what happened between Shane and his wife.

The current episode displays a new moral dilemma and the group is snatched, again, in different directions. Shane and Dale are in a power struggle, agreeing to work together, but bound by a weakening bond of friendship and trust issues. Shane feels that Dale is not strong enough to make the hard decisions it takes to lead their people through a zombie-infested wasteland. Dale feels Shane is rash and violent in making his decisions, leading everyone to more harm than good.

The zombies are an ever-present threat. Dale’s group has smaller numbers and a baby on the way. The veterinarian doesn’t want them on his land, anymore. The group also has to deal with the newly discovered threat of a group of 30 or more people that are moving around with a “gang“ mentality. After “questioning” one member, Daryl finds out more about the gang and the immediate danger the farm and its occupants are in, if found.

The story seems to be deepening in other areas, as well. Dale and Shane found zombies that had no bite marks or scratches on them, so how were they turned?

Questions, doubts and challenges plague the group. A dwindling supply of food and other necessities, with a fractured power dynamic and bigger challenges that they have ever faced before are in this group’s near future.

No matter how unsure the group’s future is, one thing is for sure…”The Walking Dead” hasn’t disappointed yet! It is almost a sure thing that it will continue to excite, disgust and entertain.

"The Walking Dead" Recap

How To Choose The Right Cable TV Provider

With so many home entertainment options available, it can be difficult to decide which provider to rely on. While pricing is important, other factors need to be considered, as well.

When families come home after a long hard day at work or school, they need to have a wide range of entertainment available that will readily meet the needs of the different age groups in the home. When these programming options are readily available, the entire family can relax at the end of the day, conveniently.

With Cable TV providers, there are between 250-275 channels to choose from. These channels come in various programming packages that make it easy to get the entertainment options the family wants. These channel packages also come with digital features like the DVR, On Demand, Pay Per View and Parental Controls. The DVR can record and store up to 60 hours of programming from up to five channels at one time. On Demand is a digital library that provide over 10,000 viewing selections in addition to the programming provided by the channel package. These selections include prime-time shows, music videos, children’s programming and newly released movies. Pay Per View is a feature that allows viewers to sit in their homes and watch live events from all over the world. Live events like live UFC fights, wrestling and boxing matches and other sporting events. These events are shown in real time, so viewers get to watch the action as soon as it happens. Cable TV subscribers also get the benefit of watching these selections with the DVR. The DVR can rewind, fast forward and pause these viewing selections to give the viewer the best possible viewing experience. With these channels and digital features readily available, everyone will have something to watch that is age-appropriate and entertaining.

Another factor to consider when choosing a provider is versatility. Many home entertainment providers can offer a channel selection, but Cable TV providers also offer other services that can provide for the needs of the home. Cable TV providers not only offer digital cable services, but they also provide broadband internet access and digital voice services that can help the family stay connected with friends all over the world.

These broadband services come with free security software that can protect the family from popups, viruses and spyware. This security software can also help protect against Identity Theft. This service also comes with online Parental Controls that help parents block potentially harmful websites, while helping them keep an eye online chat sessions and networking activities. Broadband speeds are fast enough to download large files in seconds, making it easy to get HD movies, music files, online games and videos in no time at all.

The digital voice services that cable TV providers can give their subscribers can help save time and money with local and long distance calling to any location in the United States and Canada. This services also offers up to twelve calling features like caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling and more, to make sure that everyone gets their important calls.

Cable TV providers offer the most complete home entertainment package available, with the best prices for the service. They offer their services in bundled packages to give the customers the best prices possible, with as much convenience as possible.

How To Choose The Right Cable TV Provider

Top 3 Most Popular Shows on Cable TV

As ever, cable TV fans are loyal to their particular shows of interest. This translates into ratings, and at the end of the day, it’s the ratings that count. The latest polls on the top three most popular cable TV programs are in.

Ranking at number one is The Walking Dead on AMC. This show currently draws more than 8 million viewers. It is said to be one of the highest ranking shows in the history of basic cable.

Coming in second, behind The Walking Dead, is Jersey Shore on MTV. In third place is Pawn Stars, on the History Channel.

The Walking Dead is a drama that portrays the day to day life of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The group is forced or driven into different situations for survival. Any outside struggles are compounded by internal struggles within the group, made up of people from varying walks of life, with varying ethical and moral viewpoints. The show is unpredictable, and sometimes brutal, in its portrayal of life anchored in survival.

In the first season, the lead character, a policeman shot in the line of duty, becomes conscious in a hospital that has been over run by zombies. He awakes with no knowledge of what has transpired while he was in coma, or where his wife and son are. Although they are reunited in the first season, things take a downturn when they find out she is pregnant.

Over the course of episodes, the lead character and his best friend are faced with moral challenges and consequences as they try to lead their group of people to safety.

Jersey Shore is a reality show that has followed eight housemates through four seasons. It has been confirmed, tentatively, that there will be a fifth season. The first season showed the housemates at the Jersey Shore. The second season was filmed in Miami Beach. The third season was back at the Jersey Shore and the fourth one was filmed in Italy. Currently, the show can be watched in a number of countries, and is considered the most watched program ever produced by MTV.

The show was criticized in the beginning, due to terminology of what could be considered by some as racial prejudice where terms like “guido” were used. However, the program has been credited with contributing to modern culture, instead of being derogatory, as was the original concern.

Pawn Stars, on the History Channel, shows the day to day life of pawn shop owners, the Harrison family. The pawn shop shown in the series is the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, located in Las Vegas. Currently, the shop is run by the grandfather, father and son. There are plenty of personality clashes and interesting artifacts, brought in for pawn, to keep the show rolling.

Due to the nature of the business, the Harrisons have to keep their eye on the bottom line while trying to determine what an object might be worth, if anything. The situations can take surprising turns when an appraisal is done on an object and the story behind it is told.

Top 3 Most Popular Shows on Cable TV

It’s March Madness On Charter TV Too

Charter TV has a March Madness of their own for customers who love to see all the college sports, run brackets, and watch the nation’s 64 best college basketball teams compete. For the three weekends of the big dance tournament leading up to the NCAA championship, catch the close games, the overtimes, the bad calls that make you scream, and the victories of your favorite teams on the four networks that will carry every game. Charter customers can also see them all at if you are a Charter Internet subscriber.

People might also think there is some March magic with the 10,000 choices included in the Charter TV On Demand menu of programming offered to customers every single month. The On Demand lineup is constantly changing and updating with a fresh new batch of movies and shows. The best thing about On Demand versus March Madness is that it goes on all year instead of lasting a few weeks. Not only does the show go on forever, the number of choices is so “mad” that picking just one to watch is a major undertaking. It would be easier to write them all down and draw one out of a hat. Enjoy the difference every time you turn on your television with Charter TV.

Most people think that Charter TV is all about movies and shows but if you know someone that has thousands of music CD’s stacked around the house to satisfy their love for all kinds of music, you need to let them know about all the music offered on Charter TV. No matter what your favorite type of music is, Charter TV offers a broad array from all your favorite stars from CMT, Flow TV, MTV and more from everything in Hip-Hop to country and beyond. You’ll enjoy live performances and features of varied popular music channels On Demand in Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, and Classic, Rock. Get rid of all those CD’s and get happy with the On Demand music lineup.

Charter TV in HD with DVR can give you just as much entertainment at your house as you can get at sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, and the movie theater. Pay-Per-View technology offers live performance TV available from the comfort of your home without having to fight traffic and waste your money on gas and food. Events like wrestling and boxing matches from UFC, WWE, and HBO PPV Boxing dawn the screen with life-like reality. Sports fans have favorite categories to choose from like basketball, football, baseball, motorsports racing, hockey, and soccer. Catch it all without ever leaving the couch.

Charter has just made a promise to all present and future customers, committing to providing them the finest customer experience, backed by reliable products and services. Customers can contact Charter for a customer resolution and receive a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with any Charter service within the first 30 days.

The service commitment from Charter is filled with complimentary extras like Parental Controls, Primetime Free On Demand, Free Movies On Demand, and a free online DVR manager center.

Charter TV is a full service cable provider that also offers the fastest high speed internet in the nation, as well as an exceptional digital home phone service to compliment their sensational Charter TV entertainment platform. It’s a one-stop shop for all your telecommunications needs. Call a customer care representative now to get some Charter TV for your family.

It’s March Madness On Charter TV Too

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

While many may have been aware that Oprah Winfrey started her own network, not everyone knows that she no longer does her talk show. The long-running and well-liked talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” aired for 25 seasons. It first aired in 1986 and concluded in 2011.

Now, Winfrey has other things to put her time and attention on. The Oprah Winfrey Network, or OWN, is now showing two episodes of the network’s popular series “Oprah’s Next Chapter” per week. Originally, there was only one show per week, but the network needed to boost ratings, and “Oprah’s Next Chapter” gives fans exactly what they want to see.

This next show will cover Winfrey’s trip to Haiti with Sean Penn. “Oprah’s Next Chapter” currently boasts 924,000 viewers. It covers detailed interviews with well-known faces, such as Steven Tyler, former singer for the band Aerosmith and current “American Idol” judge. Oprah Winfrey has also taken the show to Joel Osteen, a popular televangelist.

The show first aired in January 2011. Since it first began, OWN has shown reality-based shows of behind the scenes with Winfrey on The Oprah Winfrey Show. It has been stated that Winfrey could not commit 100 percent to the network when it first began, due to the remaining eight month commitment she still carried for her original show.

The low ratings have come as a bit of a surprise for Winfrey’s partner, the Discovery Channel. With more than $250 million invested in OWN, and the concurrent cancellation of Discovery Health, Discovery representatives have voiced surprise at the low ratings and weak start.

The Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN)

“The Revolution” is Taking Shape

The newest craze in variety talk shows offering everything from health to fashion is making it’s mark on daytime TV as ABC’s “The Revolution” changes lives with it’s team of expert co-hosts in design and handy work by Ty Pennington, favorable fashion with Tim Gunn, personal celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.

Boasting work and offering tips, the show hinges on transforming peoples lives in the area of body, health, mindset, fashion style, and environment. Regardless whether viewers are looking for tips and inspiration to help them reach minimal goals or a major change in some aspect of their life, the show has a little something for everyone, and highlights one woman’s personal 5 month journey for change each week.

Co-hosts each bring their own specialty to the show.  Dr Tiffanie Davis Henry, is a therapist who specializes in relationships and shares her insight for people’s well-being. Harley Pasternak, does not believe in spending hours in the gym. He develops plans that work for each individual. This week, he reveals secrets about working with some of his celebrity clients. The leading women’s health expert, Dr Jennifer Ashton advocates women and helps them learn to love themselves and promote good health to saves lives. Some of her topics have covered the warning signs of child sexual abuse, online dating tips, and how to fix unhealthy mother/daughter relationships.

Tim Gunn, fashion stylist, offers tips on making the latest style clothing and accessories available to all women allowing them the confidence that makes them feel good about themselves. This week’s “Spring into Fashion” week, has Tim joined with “People” magazine’s Kristen Maxwell in a series of the spring’s hottest fashions and colors. Last but not least, Ty Pennington, gives tricks of the trade in changing the spaces where you live and other home tips in food, art, and people to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

The show’s most recent life-change story features a 4th grade teacher, Sarah Orr, who is married and has two beautiful girls. Sarah spends her days juggling her job and taking care of her two girls. Her husband is a school principal in Hot Springs, Arkansas and spends all his time dedicated to his job, leaving Sarah to shuffle her time between her job and taking care of the kids. Sarah has reached her breaking point and made the decision to focus on her health and lose 75 pounds to reach her goal weight of 150 pounds.

Sarah married, had a baby, and finished grad school all in one year. She gained 70 pounds while pregnant and suffered from postpartum depression. By the time she gets the kids up, dressed, fed, lunches packed, walks the dog, and heads to school, there’s no time for Sarah. Sarah was a cheerleader and athlete in high school, but never thought she would have a weight problem as she loved working out.

Sarah committed to eating healthy, losing weight, and getting back into shape.  Sarah’s transformation started at 217 pounds. After 150 days, Sarah has lost 35 pounds and is still on her mission to reach her goal so she can look good and restore her confidence in herself.  Follow Sarah’s “Revolution” weekdays 2-3PM Eastern on ABC.

“The Revolution” is Taking Shape

“The Biggest Loser” Makeover Week Part Two

Last week “The Biggest Loser” contestants were honored with a makeover and nobody was eliminated from the show. The makeover week continued this week and the contestants were greeted and met by The First Lady, Michelle Obama to show off  their new looks and someone will be eliminated.

Part two of the episode introduced the team to Michelle’s “Let’s Move” initiative that focuses on solving issues with childhood obesity. She targeted educating the contestants on how adult behavior affects kid behavior in a family, as well as offered pointers on the opportunity for the contestants to set good health and fitness examples for their children and help themselves in the long run. Michelle met with each player and their family members. After that, there was a workout of all workouts that left contestants with their tongues hanging out as trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Qunice led the show’s players, their families, and The First Lady through a workout, White House style.

Michele took the time to tell the contestants about a pledge-based program called the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) that was designed to get both kids and parents to participate more in physical activity as well as healthy eating and living. She offered challenges to the players to try to get as many people as they could sign up under their names at after the show and up until April 25, 2012.  Besides the personal benefits the winnings, the contestant with the most to sign up will be awarded a donation of $30,000 worth of gym equipment to their hometown so that their complete neighborhood and community can also get started moving for fitness.

The First Lady allowed the show to use the White House as a backdrop for the workouts and challenges. Some people view this as her way of using the show and the White House as a way to encourage her “Let’s Move” campaign, as well as the ability to reach a broader audience.  However, not all people look at it as a positive ploy, but another publicity stunt to save the presidency for her husband. Others think she is vying for socialite status in reality TV like the Kardashians and Snooki. Michelle is more modern and liberal than any other First Lady before her as she boasts revealing fashion and stints on other TV shows.

While in DC, trainer Bob tried to assist a contestant who uses food for comfort as he is stressed over a family member, and Dolvett gives them a scenic workout in front of the US Capitol. The show then returns to the ranch where the contestants weighed in before the elimination took place after no one was sent home last week.

All the contestants have at some point struggled with food or exercise issues in their lives. They work hard and receive praise for their dedication from the President’s wife as they struggle to improve their lives. The show must appeal to the audience as they relate to the contestants.  The First Lady gets to promote her commitment to reducing childhood obesity while the show gets a ratings boost.

“The Biggest Loser” Makeover Week Part Two

Apple TV

While Apple has played with television production, like in the case of the Apple TV.  The Apple TV allowed viewers to connect with the net and stream content from YouTube, Netflix, iTunes and several other sites. This box sold as many as 1 million sets. The price is credited as part of its success, having been sold at minimal costs when compared to other comparable devices.

Even though it was a large success, Apple innovators wanted to do more. Although it was originally reported as being designed as just a “hobby”, Apple TV has been reported as being back on the design table. Sources from Apple have shared an exciting new breakthrough. Although it is just speculation at this point, it has been stated that Steve Job reported this breakthrough by saying he had figured out how to produce a truly integrated television. He was said to report his breakthrough shortly before his death.

Another source said that there is a possibility that Apple will incorporate the new iCloud device, an online storage service, into the television. There is even a possibility of the addition of the same voice technology as in the iPhone 4S. The name of this technology is Siri, and if incorporated, could help viewers search for content. With the iCloud, users could store their pictures and video online, straight from the TV.

While television has been evolving towards a completely integrated system, the Siri technology can take a TV viewing experience to an entirely new level. Besides the “cool factor”, a voice operated search option on a TV set can add convenience. User-friendly options like these are exactly what consumers are looking for to better integrate home technologies with busy schedules and family life.

It is reported that Apple already has a prototype built. The rumor is fueled by further reports that Apple is purchasing production and distribution centers. The new Apple TV might be ready for mass production and distribution by 2013. Apple fans are sure to be happy about this.

With the technological advances this box can bring to the table, it can only open the door for more.

Apple TV

More Options Available for Cable Television

Cable TV providers are the one-stop resource for home entertainment and telecommunications needs.

Cable TV providers can provide a household with over 250 channels, bringing quality digital viewing to any home. A large number of these channels are broadcast in High Definition formatting, allowing viewers the opportunity to watch their programming in vivid detail.

Cable TV companies offer a wide variety of programming packages that can offer sports or movie premiums to suit the specific tastes of the viewers in the home. These companies can also provide International programming that can give multilingual or Hispanic households familiar programming in the native language of Spanish.

The digital services these companies can provide include the DVR, or digital video recorder. A digital video recorder can record on up to five channels at one time, with the ability to record in digital and High Definition formatting. A DVR makes it possible to get programming On Demand, storing the programming to be watched at will, on any schedule, at any time of the day or night. With the DVR, viewers can also pause, rewind and fast forward the selections they can get on their On Demand and Pay Per View services.

On Demand is a feature that can provide over 10,000 additional viewing selections, besides the ones that are available through the programming package. These selections include the network shows, like prime-time hit series, childrens programming, music videos, sports programming and newly released movies. These newly released movies are the newest movies from Hollywood, made available in the comfort and convenience of the family home.

Pay Per View is a live event feature that can give viewers all of the live action they want. Pay Per View broadcasts live UFC fights, live wrestling and boxing matches and other live sporting events, shown in real time, from locations found all over the world. There are also many music and comedy events for fans to enjoy.

Cable TV providers also offer Parental Controls. Parental Controls can be used to block programming and specific channels that may not be suitable for children. Parental Controls can be used to block programming on the regular channel package and the programming stored on the DVR.

Cable TV providers help keep the world wide web more family-friendly, as well, with online Parental Controls. Online Parental Controls provide parents with a way to monitor online networking and chat sessions. They can also help block undesirable web content that parents dont want their children to see. This service also provides downloading speeds that can get the largest files, like music, HD movies, online games and videos downloaded in seconds. Subscribers also get the benefit of free security software that can keep the computer safe from popups, viruses and spyware. It can also provide additional protection from identity theft.

Cable TV providers also deliver a digital voice service that allows callers to make local and long distance calls to calling areas that include the United States, Canada and other areas like Puerto Rico, all for one set monthly price. This calling plan also gives subscribers calling features like caller ID, call forwarding, call return, three way calling and more, for up to twelve features in all. This service can save subscribers money and keep them connected with friends and family all over the continent.

With three important home services like these available, many families want to get all of them at one time. Cable TV providers offer these services in bundled packages that can provide all the services in one monthly package.

More Options Available for Cable Television

Prime Time Anytime

With the children back in school, everyone has been gearing up to settle in and watch their favorite prime-time shows. For many, that can be frustrating if they do not work a traditional schedule during the week that allows them to be home in time to catch the latest shows when they air.

However, cable TV subscribers have this problem beat before the season even begins, due to the digital services their Cable TV providers offer. One of these services is the DVR, or digital video recorder, that can record programming so that it is available when the viewer gets home, no matter what kind of work schedule he or she is on. The DVR can record programming on up to five channels at one time, with enough room on the hard drive to store up to 60 hours of programming indefinitely. The DVR also comes in handy when subscribers want to watch their On Demand and Pay Per View services because the DVR makes it possible to rewind, fast forward and pause the programming on these services, giving viewers the ability to fast forward through commercials, rewind to make their own instant replays and pause programming to get a snack or run an errand. The DVR, along with the On Demand and Pay Per View features revolutionized the way Cable TV subscribers watch TV, forever.

On Demand is a digital service that makes it even easier to watch those prime-time shows on a more convenient schedule. On Demand provides a digital library that contains over 10,000 viewing selections like prime-time shows, children’s programs, sports shows, music videos and newly released movies. These selections can be selected and saved for up to 48 hours after selecting them, letting viewers watch them at their leisure. The newly released movies that are available can save a family time and money by making them available at the touch of a fingertip, instead of the long lines and high prices that can be found in a movie theater.

Pay Per View is the service that can deliver live-action events from all over the world, all to the family home. Pay Per View can provide live broadcasting, shown in real time, with live music and comedy events. It can also give viewers a minute-by-minute play on live UFC fights, live boxing and wrestling matches and other live sporting events that give the viewers front row seats.

Cable TV providers want to keep their products and services family-friendly. When digital services and fiber optics opened the door for these services, cable TV providers were also able to offer their customers Parental Controls that keep the adult programming away from the children in the home. These Parental Controls are operational on the programming package, for use with regular channels, and for use with the programming stored on the DVR. The digital Parental Controls, offered at no additional charge, can be used to block entire channels and specific programs.

Along with the digital programming options that cable TV providers make available, these companies also provide broadband internet services that can help parents with shopping and banking online, or the children with their homework. Everyone will enjoy the speeds for downloading music, videos, HD movies and online games. Broadband makes it possible to download larger amounts of data faster, taking only seconds what could have taken hours with traditional dial-up. Cable TV providers also offer free security software that can protect the family from mal-ware and the family from identity theft. To make sure their services stay family-friendly online, cable TV providers can also give their broadband subscribers online Parental Controls to help with monitoring online activities and blocking inappropriate web content.

Another service offered is the digital voice service that cable TV providers can give their customers. Digital voice is also delivered with broadband, making it possible to get local and long distance calling to any location in the United States and Canada. Some companies also offer extended calling for no additional charge to Puerto Rico and other locations. These digital voice services also come with between ten to 12 calling features like call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, call return, caller ID and more, making it convenient for families to get their important calls.

Cable TV providers give all of their customers the added benefit of putting all three of these services into one bundled monthly package for added convenience and affordability.

Prime Time Anytime

The Very Best Moments from Tyrion on Game of Thrones


Tyrion Lannister is one of the most popular characters in the Game of Thrones franchise. The book version of the character was already quite popular when the show premiered, but it is Peter Dinklage’s performance as Tyrion that really took the character’s popularity to an entirely new level. The character is often considered one of the few “good” people on the show, although some fans of Tyrion tend to overlook that he—like almost every character in Game of Thrones—has done his share of reprehensible things. Although Tyrion isn’t perfect, he’s still pretty badass—which is why we’re going to look at some of the very best “Tyrion moments” from the Game of Thrones TV series.

Tyrion and Shagga’s confrontation.

When most people are confronted with their imminent demise, they think of nothing other than what might spare their life or, at least, spare them a painful death. When Tyrion and Bronn were surrounded by Shagga and his violent men, Tyrion was confronted with his own death: Shagga asked Tyrion how he would like to die, and Tyrion–not one to mince words–calmly stated that he would like to die in his own bed, “at the age of 80,” with woman and wine to pleasure him.

It was Tyrion’s ability to use his wit to charm others that convinced Shagga not to kill him and even to guide him through the mountains rather than taking him as a traditional captive.

Tyrion’s threat

The infamous scene where King Joffrey humiliates and attempts to kill Sansa Stark in front of the court was one of Tyrion’s shining moments. Tyrion begins to lecture Joffrey on the fate of mad and cruel kings, which Ser Meryn takes as a threat, noting that “No one threatens [the king] in the presence of the Kingsguard.”

Tyrion’s quick wit here was especially memorable. Tyrion quickly notes that he is not threatening a king, but educating his nephew, and tells Bronn to kill Ser Meryn if he speaks again—“That’s a threat, see the difference?”

Tyrion’s ability to use his wit to get himself—and others—out of dangerous situations is one of his great traits.

Tyrion slaps Joffrey

There isn’t much that needs to be said about this moment—Tyrion did what fans of the series have wanted to do since Joffrey’s first appearance: slap him! Twice.

The Very Best Moments from Tyrion on Game of Thrones