Monday, September 22, 2014

Top 3 Most Popular Shows on Cable TV

As ever, cable TV fans are loyal to their particular shows of interest. This translates into ratings, and at the end of the day, it’s the ratings that count. The latest polls on the top three most popular cable TV programs are in.

Ranking at number one is The Walking Dead on AMC. This show currently draws more than 8 million viewers. It is said to be one of the highest ranking shows in the history of basic cable.

Coming in second, behind The Walking Dead, is Jersey Shore on MTV. In third place is Pawn Stars, on the History Channel.

The Walking Dead is a drama that portrays the day to day life of survivors in the aftermath of a zombie apocalypse. The group is forced or driven into different situations for survival. Any outside struggles are compounded by internal struggles within the group, made up of people from varying walks of life, with varying ethical and moral viewpoints. The show is unpredictable, and sometimes brutal, in its portrayal of life anchored in survival.

In the first season, the lead character, a policeman shot in the line of duty, becomes conscious in a hospital that has been over run by zombies. He awakes with no knowledge of what has transpired while he was in coma, or where his wife and son are. Although they are reunited in the first season, things take a downturn when they find out she is pregnant.

Over the course of episodes, the lead character and his best friend are faced with moral challenges and consequences as they try to lead their group of people to safety.

Jersey Shore is a reality show that has followed eight housemates through four seasons. It has been confirmed, tentatively, that there will be a fifth season. The first season showed the housemates at the Jersey Shore. The second season was filmed in Miami Beach. The third season was back at the Jersey Shore and the fourth one was filmed in Italy. Currently, the show can be watched in a number of countries, and is considered the most watched program ever produced by MTV.

The show was criticized in the beginning, due to terminology of what could be considered by some as racial prejudice where terms like “guido” were used. However, the program has been credited with contributing to modern culture, instead of being derogatory, as was the original concern.

Pawn Stars, on the History Channel, shows the day to day life of pawn shop owners, the Harrison family. The pawn shop shown in the series is the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop, located in Las Vegas. Currently, the shop is run by the grandfather, father and son. There are plenty of personality clashes and interesting artifacts, brought in for pawn, to keep the show rolling.

Due to the nature of the business, the Harrisons have to keep their eye on the bottom line while trying to determine what an object might be worth, if anything. The situations can take surprising turns when an appraisal is done on an object and the story behind it is told.

Top 3 Most Popular Shows on Cable TV