Monday, September 22, 2014

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears

I loved the Disney Afternoon from the 1980’s to death.  It was a tremendously fun block of time that I looked forward to everyday.  I couldn’t wait to get home and enjoy me some Duck Tales or Gummi Bears.  As much as I loved Duck Tales, I think The Adventures of the Gummi Bears was my favorite.

disneygummieadventuresI’ve always liked fantasy, ever since I read The Hobbit and with the Gummi Bears set in a fantasy world, this combination of fun animation and whacky rules, like them drinking Gummi juice and being able to bounce around like maniacs, and a fantasy setting, was enough to place it high on my list of all time favorites.

The Gummis are supposed to be only the stuff of myth and legend in this world, there are very few people that know they exist, and live their lives on the outskirts of society, the woods for example.  Way back in ancient times, this was not true and humans and Gummis lived together peacefully but times have changed.  They filter in and out of the goings on of the humans in the kingdom, often helping them out of troubling situations, most of which are caused by Duke Igthorn and his band of dim-witted ogres.

Great series have great villains and The Gummi Bears are no exception.  I loved Igthorn and his pathetic attempts to get the secret to the Gummi Berry juice or take over the human’s castle Dunwin.  He always failed of course but the fun was in rooting for him because he was so pitiful you almost wanted him to make it.

The Gummi Bears would stop him or his ogres would fail him or something else would happen at the last minute that saved the day.  It was really fun watching the antics of the ogres, big, slow and dumb, against the Gummis, small, sweet and fast.

The show was most often broken up into segments, with two paired off with each half hour episode.  I liked that.  It made the show feel even exciting and faster paced.

Disney’s Adventures of the Gummi Bears