Monday, September 22, 2014

3 Episodes of Supernatural That Will Scare Your Pants Off

SupernaturalSupernatural is one of the most unique shows on television. Although the storyline has now expanded much further beyond the original concept of the show—an almost anthology style mini horror movie each week, spearheaded by two monster/horror hunting brothers—the show still offers up plenty of chills, scares and spine tingling moments. Not surprisingly, there are many episodes of the show that will make you think twice about turning the lights off—or on!—when you’re alone in the dark. Let’s look at some of the scariest, creepiest episodes of Supernatural that will make you sleep with the covers over your head. (Not that the covers will actually keep the monsters away!)

No Exit

An episode that preys upon our natural fear of tight spaces and is a definite thriller for anyone with even mild claustrophobia. The episode centers on the ghost of H. H. Holmes, a real American serial killer, who kidnaps a woman and locks her in a tight, coffin-like box. Dean and Sam must crawl through dark, tight underground tunnels in order to reach her. The real terror of the episode comes from its darkness and claustrophobia, and the fact that—unlike most episodes of the show—it is devoid of witty banter and one liners.

Everybody Loves a Clown

Clowns are inherently scary for many people, and this episode preys upon the deep-rooted fear that many people have of these painted-face entertainers. In this episode, a mime clown tricks children into letting him into their home–but instead of making them balloon animals or pulling something out of their sleeves, they kill the children’s parents. The atmospheric lighting, brilliant performance by the creepy mime clown, and nearly natural fear we have of clowns make this episode one of the creepiest.

Bloody Mary

This episode from the show’s first season is one of the most iconic—and scariest—of all Supernatural episodes. In this episode, the infamous Bloody Mary is not only real—she’s deadly. Sam and Dean must figure out how to stop the murderous ghost who can haunt mirrors when she isn’t directly summoned.

3 Episodes of Supernatural That Will Scare Your Pants Off