Monday, September 22, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Recap

“The Walking Dead” is one of the highest ranked cable TV shows of all time. It currently shows on AMC on Sunday nights, for more than eight million loyal viewers.

For those that have fallen behind, the show is in its second season, on the eleventh episode. The season has brought about a couple of surprises, a few losses and more than a graphic, in-your-face grit and gore that has reached to all age groups.

Currently, the group of survivors is still being lodged on the property of a now retired veterinarian. The lost girl, Sophia, has been found, and Dale knows what happened between Shane and his wife.

The current episode displays a new moral dilemma and the group is snatched, again, in different directions. Shane and Dale are in a power struggle, agreeing to work together, but bound by a weakening bond of friendship and trust issues. Shane feels that Dale is not strong enough to make the hard decisions it takes to lead their people through a zombie-infested wasteland. Dale feels Shane is rash and violent in making his decisions, leading everyone to more harm than good.

The zombies are an ever-present threat. Dale’s group has smaller numbers and a baby on the way. The veterinarian doesn’t want them on his land, anymore. The group also has to deal with the newly discovered threat of a group of 30 or more people that are moving around with a “gang“ mentality. After “questioning” one member, Daryl finds out more about the gang and the immediate danger the farm and its occupants are in, if found.

The story seems to be deepening in other areas, as well. Dale and Shane found zombies that had no bite marks or scratches on them, so how were they turned?

Questions, doubts and challenges plague the group. A dwindling supply of food and other necessities, with a fractured power dynamic and bigger challenges that they have ever faced before are in this group’s near future.

No matter how unsure the group’s future is, one thing is for sure…”The Walking Dead” hasn’t disappointed yet! It is almost a sure thing that it will continue to excite, disgust and entertain.

"The Walking Dead" Recap