Monday, September 22, 2014

"The Walking Dead" Consequences

It looks like season three of “The Walking Dead” is heating up to be the best season yet. In the last five episodes, fans have tuned in to watch some of the most shocking turn of events to have hit the series so far.

At the end of episode four, Rick Grimes, the leader of the survivors that have made a camp in the prison, learned that he had just lost his wife. His wife, Lori, and he have been estranged since Grimes killed Shane. When the group made it into the prison, it looked as if there could possibly be reconciliation between Lori and Rick, but an ex-prisoner Grimes left for dead exacted revenge by letting in the walkers, and Lori paid the price.

At the beginning of episode five, Rick is facing the reality of his past decisions, and the consequences those decisions led to. He learned he lost his wife, gained a newborn baby and that his son had to shoot his own mother to prevent her from turning. His son had to commit an act that would be difficult for an adult, he lost his estranged wife when the two were making progress and he lost three more members of his group- Lori, TDog and Carol. The last anyone saw of Rick for the first of the show was as he was picking up an axe and heading into a zombie-infested prison, alone. By the end of the episode, he’d found a zombie that looked like it may have finished off the remains of his dead wife, and he heard the phone ring. He’s lost his mind and the precarious balance the group had gained back in the prison is hanging by a thread.

Things aren’t looking any better for Michonne and Andrea in Woodbury. Michonne did some investigating, allowing herself into the Governor’s quarters. She didn’t find the zombie daughter of the Governor, but she did find the other zombie captives. She also found the Governor’s journal, which displayed the beginnings of a mental breakdown that goes way beyond anything that shows on the glossy surface of his public façade. After the discovery of the zombie captives, kept for participation in a gladiator-style competition, Michonne shows offer her kitanna skills and the Governor learns who he’s playing with.

Michonne won’t just go along with the status quo, Andrea wants to take the easy road by staying within the confines of the town, Woodbury and more of the Governor’s madness is being revealed bit by bit. Michonne and Andrea part ways. Andrea sees a side of Woodbury and the Governor she’s never seen and doesn’t agree with. But, now that the two have split up, Andrea is just going to have to wait the situation out, if she can, to see what comes next.

The good news is that the infant girl that was born will survive. Darryl and Maggie went for a run, in search of formula and baby supplies. The entire group is happy about a new addition in the group.

"The Walking Dead" Consequences