Monday, September 22, 2014

ABC’s “Revenge” Absolution Series Leads up to Season Finale

Placing a rose on her father’s grave as she gently brushes off the snow, Emily is compiling a list of all the prisoners who accompanied her father in his cell block when he was killed. Charlotte shares a photo with Emily of her father that she found hidden in her mother’s jewelry box.  The date on the picture is the same as the day David Clarke was killed.

Emily notices a journal in David’s hand in the photo and it is not one that was in the Infinity Box.  She realizes that Nolan has kept it from her. He was trying to protect David’s legacy. Initials, “CM,” in the journal just happen to be Carol Miller, Conrad’s secretary. Emily takes to the internet to find out that she died just a few days after David was killed, but Emily digs deep enough to find that Miller is still alive and pays her a visit. She poses as an officer of Homeland Security, but is stunned when she notices a picture of Miller and Nolan. With a shotgun pointed at her head, Emily is spared when Nolan comes running it to save her as he tells “aunt Carol” to lower the weapon.

Nolan shares with Emily that Carol believed Clarke was innocent and dug around Grayson for the truth as she discovered Roger Halsted who had info to put Grayson away and set Clarke free.  Unfortunately, Clarke was murdered before that could happen. Carol’s death was faked by Nolan to keep her safe, but she shares info about a white haired man that she did not know a name for as more info for Emily to run with.

Meanwhile, Declan tries to help Charlotte by ratting her drug abuse to the schools headmaster in order to force rehab for her. Victoria takes Charlotte to Clarke’s grave, hoping to give her answers as they notice someone else has been there and placed a rose on it.

Jack talks to Emily about what she is getting into by marrying into the Grayson family, but their talk is interrupted by the call that Daniel is getting released from prison and she leaves. As they leave the prison, their car was vandalized and Emily tells Daniel he needs to do an interview to clear up his story.

Next, Victoria meets with an ESC officer asking for immunity for information to put her husband away, while Conrad gets the word that the feds are seizing his files from the office. Daniel asks his father for the truth and gets it. He now knows that Lee Morgan’s suicide note was bogus and that his dad had him killed. Before he says more, he makes Daniel promise to take care of the business and Charlotte. He then reveals the info about David Clarke.  Emily is getting every word as she previously bugged the office.

Finally, Daniel reveals all the details of the night of the murder in the interview.  Email is happy as she thinks Daniel is going to come clean about the Grayson’s right when he flip-flops, painting a picture of his father as a victim. Conrad is happy and Victoria is furious as she knows Daniel is a true Grayson. Just after Victoria fires the family reporter, Ashley, Conrad hires her on the condition that he have her loyalty. Emily still plans to marry Daniel, but intends to track down and kill the white haired prison guard who killed her father and met with Conrad Grayson.

ABC’s “Revenge” Absolution Series Leads up to Season Finale