Monday, September 22, 2014

Last Week On "Alcatraz"...

“Alcatraz” fans got a back-to-back treat last night, having two new episodes to watch in the same sitting. The two episodes revealed more for viewers, like the prison warden might still be alive, and that he may be a defining force behind the current state of affairs. For the characters, this information, along with a treasure hunt for the lost gold supposedly hid on the island, set Officer Donovan and the Ames brothers on the chase. To complicate matters, Sonny Burnett makes his presence known, again, and Dr. Beauregard discovers the alarming speed that the 63‘s are healing with.

If suspense is what viewers wanted with the first episode, they got it. A nasty murder scene in the beginning of the show set the tone. The edgy feeling is compounded by a storm that killed the lights. No lights made for a very eerie search, done with flashlights.

The first show centered around the Ames brothers, with their partner-in-crime, a prison guard named Donovan. The two brothers and Donovan first appear in the story line as treasure hunters in the 60’s, looking for the legend of lost gold, supposedly hidden on the island.

Their scheme to find the gold includes making a copy of a mysterious key, which only the warden has. How do they get access to a key held by the warden, himself? They fake a spiritual cleansing and try to “borrow” the key from the warden. Once caught, Donovan took the brunt of the punishment and another lost his finger with a meat saw.

While Warden James assured the Ames brothers that their efforts were in vain, the episode ended with him gloating over a pile of gold bars. So, for all intents and purposes for “Alcatraz”, there is gold to be found!

Their desire for the gold was so strong that when the Ames brothers and Donovan reappear in the present, young again, they go back to their original plan. It might have worked out for them this time, but Detective Madsen kills the Ames brothers.

The second episode to be shown last night, episode 9, was a little calmer. It answers some questions about the time-defying good health and young age the former inmates are keeping. It also shows more about Burnett, laying out more of the background story and how it ties into his current presence on the show. It outlines his plot for vengeance against the Helen, the escaped kidnap victim that told on him to the authorities. Once captured by Madsen, Burnett is given to Dr. Beauregard for testing. After a blood test, Dr. Beauregard announces the disappointing news that Burnett’s blood does not contain the colloidal silver that was a common factor in the blood of other former inmates. So, if it’s not the silver that brings about the miraculous youth and healing, what is it? Their hopes for Dr. Banerjee are dampened, but their research will continue.

The series seems to be posing more questions than it answers in a single episode.

Last Week On "Alcatraz"...