Monday, September 22, 2014

Best Costumes of Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time is ABC’S most popular show, and one of the most popular fantasy television shows to ever air. The show, which plays upon popular fairy tales, has received popular praise—though critical praise remains mixed—for its storylines, acting and most often, its costumes. The show has won several awards for its costumes, including an Emmy Award; a recent exhibition at a fashion museum in California showcased some of the show’s most iconic costumes, including Snow White’s “forest” outfit and several of the Evil Queen’s fantastic and decidedly evil dresses. Let’s take a closer look at some of the very best costumes from this popular fairy tale show.

Cora’s “Queen of Hearts” Gown

Once-upon-a-timeThis costume did not appear in the show for very long, but the level of detail in the costume makes it one of the most outstanding costumes in the show. The costume features an ivory gown with a ‘crossed’ pattern that is embroidered with gold-tinged pearls; over the base ivory gown is a blood-red coat gown, which features embroidery details and a rich luxurious fabric. A ruby crown completes the “Queen of Hearts” look.

Aurora’s Purple Gown

Fans of the Disney adaptation of Sleeping Beauty will get a kick out of the fact that Princess Aurora is not wearing pink or blue… but a pastel purple, a combination of the two. The show really excels with its fairytale-esque gowns, and Aurora’s delicate, fairy-like purple gown is no exception. The dress features details including bodice lacing, embroidery, and a subtle pattern that give the dress plenty of richness.

Cinderella’s Blue Ball Gown

The blue ball gown conjured up by Rumpelstiltskin is nothing less than a fairy tale’s dream. The dress features a slightly luminescent fabric, decorated with beaded embroidery and flower details that create an elegant, yet beautiful and definitely “princess-like” costume that nods at the Disney adaptation without directly copying it. And, of course, a pair of delicate glass slippers completes the look!

Best Costumes of Once Upon a Time