Monday, September 22, 2014

"NCIS" Recap

This week’s “NCIS” opens as Gibbs is called to help the living. Petty Officer Leland Wiley has offered sensitive information as leverage for a plea bargain on his upcoming drug charge. Since Wiley mentions the name “Agah Bayar”, a known arms dealer, Gibbs agrees to deal. The investigation starts when the officer collapses before he even gets to deal with Gibbs.

Ducky finds out Wiley had a pacemaker. Abby does her technological magic and finds out the pace maker was remotely accessed through the internet. The rhythm was adjusted to accelerate the petty officer’s heartbeat, causing a premature heart attack. After Abbie and McGee trace the internet activity as far as they can, with no acceptable results, Abbie has to reach out to a friend at NASA. In the course of them working together, McGee finds out that Abbie and the probie, Dorneget, are spending time together at Abbie’s house.

In trying to track down Agah Bayar, the team finds surveillance pictures of him and his girlfriend, Ms. Baransky. Ms. Baransky is a supermodel, and has been spotted jet-setting with American movie stars and a prince, among other high profile people, so the team does not put her on the suspect list. However, they do need to question her.

During the course of the investigation, Zeva has to face her fear of public speaking due to being volunteered by Director Vance. In Zeva’s absence, the new probie is volunteered to take her place as a field agent. Gibbs sends McGee and Dorneget to go pick the beautiful Ms. Baransky up for questioning.

The new probie, has been awkwardly trying to get in Gibbs’ good graces and failing. The opportunity he has been waiting for finally comes with Ms. Baransky, but, on an unscheduled bathroom break, Ms. Baransky disappears. The probie is embarrassed to be found handcuffed, gagged with his own tie. McGee, after seeing Dorneget’s apparently smitten behavior, accuses him of being taken in by her beauty, but Dorneget volunteers that he is gay. On the ride back, he asks McGee not to mention this new information to his coworkers. McGee agrees.

Tony is predictably smitten with Bayar’s girlfriend, and has questions for the probie when he gets back. Neither he nor McGee mention that he is gay. Dorneget gives Tony a description of the woman’s beauty, as it was seen in up close, and Tony doesn’t suspect a thing.

It’s discovered Ms. Baransky has been in on it, buying an American weapon from Bayar, supplied by Wiley. Right after Ms. Baransky escapes custody, Gibbs calls McGee to tell him to let her go. Gibbs isn’t told that the suspect escaped on her own.

But there’s another twist. The whole thing was a trap, set by the DEA. It’s not until the end of the show that Gibbs finds out Bayar was working for both sides in this deal.  The show ends with Bayar mocking Gibbs. Apparently, he didn’t know who he was messing with. Gibbs was not amused.

"NCIS" Recap