Monday, September 22, 2014

The Very Best Moments from Tyrion on Game of Thrones


Tyrion Lannister is one of the most popular characters in the Game of Thrones franchise. The book version of the character was already quite popular when the show premiered, but it is Peter Dinklage’s performance as Tyrion that really took the character’s popularity to an entirely new level. The character is often considered one of the few “good” people on the show, although some fans of Tyrion tend to overlook that he—like almost every character in Game of Thrones—has done his share of reprehensible things. Although Tyrion isn’t perfect, he’s still pretty badass—which is why we’re going to look at some of the very best “Tyrion moments” from the Game of Thrones TV series.

Tyrion and Shagga’s confrontation.

When most people are confronted with their imminent demise, they think of nothing other than what might spare their life or, at least, spare them a painful death. When Tyrion and Bronn were surrounded by Shagga and his violent men, Tyrion was confronted with his own death: Shagga asked Tyrion how he would like to die, and Tyrion–not one to mince words–calmly stated that he would like to die in his own bed, “at the age of 80,” with woman and wine to pleasure him.

It was Tyrion’s ability to use his wit to charm others that convinced Shagga not to kill him and even to guide him through the mountains rather than taking him as a traditional captive.

Tyrion’s threat

The infamous scene where King Joffrey humiliates and attempts to kill Sansa Stark in front of the court was one of Tyrion’s shining moments. Tyrion begins to lecture Joffrey on the fate of mad and cruel kings, which Ser Meryn takes as a threat, noting that “No one threatens [the king] in the presence of the Kingsguard.”

Tyrion’s quick wit here was especially memorable. Tyrion quickly notes that he is not threatening a king, but educating his nephew, and tells Bronn to kill Ser Meryn if he speaks again—“That’s a threat, see the difference?”

Tyrion’s ability to use his wit to get himself—and others—out of dangerous situations is one of his great traits.

Tyrion slaps Joffrey

There isn’t much that needs to be said about this moment—Tyrion did what fans of the series have wanted to do since Joffrey’s first appearance: slap him! Twice.

The Very Best Moments from Tyrion on Game of Thrones