Monday, September 22, 2014

Emily Gets Hot on The Bachelotette – Sends Kalon Packing!

It’s getting real now.  The count of men is down to ten as Emily furthers her search for love on her trip to London. Ricki is having a blast as she shoots a photo of her mom in front of Buckingham Palace, and Emily is still working on figuring out which of these men will make a good husband and father for her package deal of true love.

As the dates are handed out in London, it’s not clear which one is the luckiest, Sean or Emily.  Sean is such a sweet hunk and he is one really nice guy. The two take the town in from the top of a tour bus and stop for a picture in front of the Palace balcony where Prince William and Kate shared their very first public kiss as husband and wife. It’s a tradition as Emily and Sean also share a kiss there.

As they move along, they come upon a place, “Speakers Corner” where Sean steps up to the podium and spews sweetness about love. Emily is taken by him and what he said.  The two steal away in the night for dinner in the Tower of London. Sean is Ems’ prisoner of love and neither of them want the night to end as she gives him the rose.

Meanwhile, the group date brought out some interesting personalities as Chris, Arie, Ryan, Doug, Alejandro, Travis, and Kalon head for Stratford-Upon-Avon where they will be performing scenes as a tribute to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet at his birthplace.  All the men except Chris and Arie will play Romeo with Ems being Juliet for each of them. Chris and Arie will be the nurse.

Although uncomfortable, most of the guys have fun with it.  Kalon hits strike two when he sends Ems away to practice and Arie impresses her with his part as the nurse. Ryan also nails his part as he steals more than one kiss from his Juliet along with a gift to end the evening.  Hopefully she can see through his transparency. Ryan is slick and she knows it.  Hopefully she will figure it out before she makes a big mistake with such an arrogant man.

Chris steps up and tells the guys about Kalon’s comment about Ricki and Ems. Doug calls Kalon on the carpet and then fills Emily in about Kalon. Emily heads out to confront Kalon and tells him what a blessing Ricki is and then shows him the door. Strike three, he’s out! Emily was so upset by the whole thing she doesn’t even give out a rose for the night. She only wants to be with Ricki.

The next day, Ems wants to find out if Jef is real and surprises him with tea complete with an etiquette lesson that they both dish out on to spend some alone time. They head out to a local pub as Jef lets Ems know that he did stand up for her with Kalon.  She is still bothered by his reserved demeanor but after a romantic desert atop the London Eye, they engage in some passionate conversation and she decides to give him the rose. Later, they finally share some kisses, something Emile has been waiting on from Jef.

The cocktail party before the rose ceremony was tense to say the least as Ems puts the guys on the spot as she needs to know they have her back. Arie is nervous and she feels he did not stand up for her.  Ryan on the other hand, still spews his confidence as he ends his balcony scene by giving her a kiss. Yuk! On to the good part of the party, Emily also shares a little dance and another kiss with Sean.  Go Sean!

It’s wasn’t hard to figure out that Alejandro was going home tonight although seeing an arrogant Ryan hit the road would be nice, maybe next week.  Things are getting interesting now as Emily and the eight remaining men will travel to Croatia to spend some time.

Emily Gets Hot on The Bachelotette – Sends Kalon Packing!