Monday, September 22, 2014

It’s March Madness On Charter TV Too

Charter TV has a March Madness of their own for customers who love to see all the college sports, run brackets, and watch the nation’s 64 best college basketball teams compete. For the three weekends of the big dance tournament leading up to the NCAA championship, catch the close games, the overtimes, the bad calls that make you scream, and the victories of your favorite teams on the four networks that will carry every game. Charter customers can also see them all at if you are a Charter Internet subscriber.

People might also think there is some March magic with the 10,000 choices included in the Charter TV On Demand menu of programming offered to customers every single month. The On Demand lineup is constantly changing and updating with a fresh new batch of movies and shows. The best thing about On Demand versus March Madness is that it goes on all year instead of lasting a few weeks. Not only does the show go on forever, the number of choices is so “mad” that picking just one to watch is a major undertaking. It would be easier to write them all down and draw one out of a hat. Enjoy the difference every time you turn on your television with Charter TV.

Most people think that Charter TV is all about movies and shows but if you know someone that has thousands of music CD’s stacked around the house to satisfy their love for all kinds of music, you need to let them know about all the music offered on Charter TV. No matter what your favorite type of music is, Charter TV offers a broad array from all your favorite stars from CMT, Flow TV, MTV and more from everything in Hip-Hop to country and beyond. You’ll enjoy live performances and features of varied popular music channels On Demand in Pop, Rock, R&B, Rap, and Classic, Rock. Get rid of all those CD’s and get happy with the On Demand music lineup.

Charter TV in HD with DVR can give you just as much entertainment at your house as you can get at sporting events, concerts, comedy shows, and the movie theater. Pay-Per-View technology offers live performance TV available from the comfort of your home without having to fight traffic and waste your money on gas and food. Events like wrestling and boxing matches from UFC, WWE, and HBO PPV Boxing dawn the screen with life-like reality. Sports fans have favorite categories to choose from like basketball, football, baseball, motorsports racing, hockey, and soccer. Catch it all without ever leaving the couch.

Charter has just made a promise to all present and future customers, committing to providing them the finest customer experience, backed by reliable products and services. Customers can contact Charter for a customer resolution and receive a 30-day Money-Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with any Charter service within the first 30 days.

The service commitment from Charter is filled with complimentary extras like Parental Controls, Primetime Free On Demand, Free Movies On Demand, and a free online DVR manager center.

Charter TV is a full service cable provider that also offers the fastest high speed internet in the nation, as well as an exceptional digital home phone service to compliment their sensational Charter TV entertainment platform. It’s a one-stop shop for all your telecommunications needs. Call a customer care representative now to get some Charter TV for your family.

It’s March Madness On Charter TV Too