Monday, September 22, 2014

“The Revolution” is Taking Shape

The newest craze in variety talk shows offering everything from health to fashion is making it’s mark on daytime TV as ABC’s “The Revolution” changes lives with it’s team of expert co-hosts in design and handy work by Ty Pennington, favorable fashion with Tim Gunn, personal celebrity trainer Harley Pasternak, OB-GYN Dr. Jennifer Ashton, and therapist Dr. Tiffanie Davis Henry.

Boasting work and offering tips, the show hinges on transforming peoples lives in the area of body, health, mindset, fashion style, and environment. Regardless whether viewers are looking for tips and inspiration to help them reach minimal goals or a major change in some aspect of their life, the show has a little something for everyone, and highlights one woman’s personal 5 month journey for change each week.

Co-hosts each bring their own specialty to the show.  Dr Tiffanie Davis Henry, is a therapist who specializes in relationships and shares her insight for people’s well-being. Harley Pasternak, does not believe in spending hours in the gym. He develops plans that work for each individual. This week, he reveals secrets about working with some of his celebrity clients. The leading women’s health expert, Dr Jennifer Ashton advocates women and helps them learn to love themselves and promote good health to saves lives. Some of her topics have covered the warning signs of child sexual abuse, online dating tips, and how to fix unhealthy mother/daughter relationships.

Tim Gunn, fashion stylist, offers tips on making the latest style clothing and accessories available to all women allowing them the confidence that makes them feel good about themselves. This week’s “Spring into Fashion” week, has Tim joined with “People” magazine’s Kristen Maxwell in a series of the spring’s hottest fashions and colors. Last but not least, Ty Pennington, gives tricks of the trade in changing the spaces where you live and other home tips in food, art, and people to reach for the stars and follow their dreams.

The show’s most recent life-change story features a 4th grade teacher, Sarah Orr, who is married and has two beautiful girls. Sarah spends her days juggling her job and taking care of her two girls. Her husband is a school principal in Hot Springs, Arkansas and spends all his time dedicated to his job, leaving Sarah to shuffle her time between her job and taking care of the kids. Sarah has reached her breaking point and made the decision to focus on her health and lose 75 pounds to reach her goal weight of 150 pounds.

Sarah married, had a baby, and finished grad school all in one year. She gained 70 pounds while pregnant and suffered from postpartum depression. By the time she gets the kids up, dressed, fed, lunches packed, walks the dog, and heads to school, there’s no time for Sarah. Sarah was a cheerleader and athlete in high school, but never thought she would have a weight problem as she loved working out.

Sarah committed to eating healthy, losing weight, and getting back into shape.  Sarah’s transformation started at 217 pounds. After 150 days, Sarah has lost 35 pounds and is still on her mission to reach her goal so she can look good and restore her confidence in herself.  Follow Sarah’s “Revolution” weekdays 2-3PM Eastern on ABC.

“The Revolution” is Taking Shape