Monday, September 22, 2014

Ratings An Issue For FOX

Fox has dominated viewer ratings charts, like Neilson, for several seasons. The network has programming that includes reality shows like the hit series “American Idol”, and other shows that the viewing public just can’t seem to get enough of. This winning streak may be broken, however, with the ratings from new shows, such as “Take Me Out” and “The Choice”, slipping in viewership, after their premiers. These shows are a part of Fox’s summer lineup. So far, they do not have the ratings to garner a second season.

Last Thursday, it was decided that ABC was the nightly winner. The network averaged more viewers with its airing of the NBA Finals, than Fox did with its reality shows.

In all fairness, there are die-hard fans that are loyal to their teams. These fans wouldn’t miss their games for anything, so at this point, maybe it’s not about the content of the programming on Fox. Maybe it’s just about die-hard fans, cheering their favorite players and teams on.

“Take Me Out” shines a light on the dating world of single women. At the beginning of the show, 30 women are given podiums. The women are then shown a bachelor that has to pass the inspection. If he doesn’t pass inspection, they press their button, and the light on the podium goes off. If they do like him, the lights stay on. Throughout this process, the women are also eliminated. By the time the final round comes along, there are two finalists and one bachelor that is allowed to choose between the two of the.

This show is based off the British version of “Take Me Out”, and that was based off the Australian program, “Taken Out”.

On the show “The Choice”, four American celebrities are given the opportunity to go out with non-famous people. The show is set up so that these celebrities sit in chairs that revolve. With each round, the non-famous hopefuls are whittled down until there three dates for the three celebrity bachelors or bachelorettes.

The show will feature male celebrities on five of the episodes. These celebrities included Joe Jonas, Tyson Beckford, Dean Cain, Talyor Hicks, Rocco Dispirito, Rob Kardashian, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Warren Sapp, and others. On at least one show, the celebrities are female. Among the eligible dates for these are Hope Dworaczyk and Carmen Electra, Sophie Monk and Rima Fakih.

“The Choice” is being hosted by Cat Deeley. It airs on Fox, on Thursday nights at 9:00 pm. “Take Me Out” airs on Fox at 8:00 pm, on Thursday.

Currently, the shows are getting mixed reviews. Some viewers liked the new formatting of an old idea. Does “The Dating Game” ring any bells? Others are disappointed that the number one network on television has produced programming that is being called “cheesy”. So, whether it was for a lack of interest, or due to the fact that basketball fans had to get their fix, the fate of these two shows is still being decided.

Ratings An Issue For FOX