Monday, September 22, 2014

Prime Time Anytime

With the children back in school, everyone has been gearing up to settle in and watch their favorite prime-time shows. For many, that can be frustrating if they do not work a traditional schedule during the week that allows them to be home in time to catch the latest shows when they air.

However, cable TV subscribers have this problem beat before the season even begins, due to the digital services their Cable TV providers offer. One of these services is the DVR, or digital video recorder, that can record programming so that it is available when the viewer gets home, no matter what kind of work schedule he or she is on. The DVR can record programming on up to five channels at one time, with enough room on the hard drive to store up to 60 hours of programming indefinitely. The DVR also comes in handy when subscribers want to watch their On Demand and Pay Per View services because the DVR makes it possible to rewind, fast forward and pause the programming on these services, giving viewers the ability to fast forward through commercials, rewind to make their own instant replays and pause programming to get a snack or run an errand. The DVR, along with the On Demand and Pay Per View features revolutionized the way Cable TV subscribers watch TV, forever.

On Demand is a digital service that makes it even easier to watch those prime-time shows on a more convenient schedule. On Demand provides a digital library that contains over 10,000 viewing selections like prime-time shows, children’s programs, sports shows, music videos and newly released movies. These selections can be selected and saved for up to 48 hours after selecting them, letting viewers watch them at their leisure. The newly released movies that are available can save a family time and money by making them available at the touch of a fingertip, instead of the long lines and high prices that can be found in a movie theater.

Pay Per View is the service that can deliver live-action events from all over the world, all to the family home. Pay Per View can provide live broadcasting, shown in real time, with live music and comedy events. It can also give viewers a minute-by-minute play on live UFC fights, live boxing and wrestling matches and other live sporting events that give the viewers front row seats.

Cable TV providers want to keep their products and services family-friendly. When digital services and fiber optics opened the door for these services, cable TV providers were also able to offer their customers Parental Controls that keep the adult programming away from the children in the home. These Parental Controls are operational on the programming package, for use with regular channels, and for use with the programming stored on the DVR. The digital Parental Controls, offered at no additional charge, can be used to block entire channels and specific programs.

Along with the digital programming options that cable TV providers make available, these companies also provide broadband internet services that can help parents with shopping and banking online, or the children with their homework. Everyone will enjoy the speeds for downloading music, videos, HD movies and online games. Broadband makes it possible to download larger amounts of data faster, taking only seconds what could have taken hours with traditional dial-up. Cable TV providers also offer free security software that can protect the family from mal-ware and the family from identity theft. To make sure their services stay family-friendly online, cable TV providers can also give their broadband subscribers online Parental Controls to help with monitoring online activities and blocking inappropriate web content.

Another service offered is the digital voice service that cable TV providers can give their customers. Digital voice is also delivered with broadband, making it possible to get local and long distance calling to any location in the United States and Canada. Some companies also offer extended calling for no additional charge to Puerto Rico and other locations. These digital voice services also come with between ten to 12 calling features like call forwarding, call waiting, three way calling, call return, caller ID and more, making it convenient for families to get their important calls.

Cable TV providers give all of their customers the added benefit of putting all three of these services into one bundled monthly package for added convenience and affordability.

Prime Time Anytime