Monday, September 22, 2014

“The Biggest Loser” Makeover Week Part Two

Last week “The Biggest Loser” contestants were honored with a makeover and nobody was eliminated from the show. The makeover week continued this week and the contestants were greeted and met by The First Lady, Michelle Obama to show off  their new looks and someone will be eliminated.

Part two of the episode introduced the team to Michelle’s “Let’s Move” initiative that focuses on solving issues with childhood obesity. She targeted educating the contestants on how adult behavior affects kid behavior in a family, as well as offered pointers on the opportunity for the contestants to set good health and fitness examples for their children and help themselves in the long run. Michelle met with each player and their family members. After that, there was a workout of all workouts that left contestants with their tongues hanging out as trainers Bob Harper and Dolvett Qunice led the show’s players, their families, and The First Lady through a workout, White House style.

Michele took the time to tell the contestants about a pledge-based program called the Presidential Active Lifestyle Award (PALA) that was designed to get both kids and parents to participate more in physical activity as well as healthy eating and living. She offered challenges to the players to try to get as many people as they could sign up under their names at after the show and up until April 25, 2012.  Besides the personal benefits the winnings, the contestant with the most to sign up will be awarded a donation of $30,000 worth of gym equipment to their hometown so that their complete neighborhood and community can also get started moving for fitness.

The First Lady allowed the show to use the White House as a backdrop for the workouts and challenges. Some people view this as her way of using the show and the White House as a way to encourage her “Let’s Move” campaign, as well as the ability to reach a broader audience.  However, not all people look at it as a positive ploy, but another publicity stunt to save the presidency for her husband. Others think she is vying for socialite status in reality TV like the Kardashians and Snooki. Michelle is more modern and liberal than any other First Lady before her as she boasts revealing fashion and stints on other TV shows.

While in DC, trainer Bob tried to assist a contestant who uses food for comfort as he is stressed over a family member, and Dolvett gives them a scenic workout in front of the US Capitol. The show then returns to the ranch where the contestants weighed in before the elimination took place after no one was sent home last week.

All the contestants have at some point struggled with food or exercise issues in their lives. They work hard and receive praise for their dedication from the President’s wife as they struggle to improve their lives. The show must appeal to the audience as they relate to the contestants.  The First Lady gets to promote her commitment to reducing childhood obesity while the show gets a ratings boost.

“The Biggest Loser” Makeover Week Part Two