Monday, September 22, 2014

Under $1000 Camera for Christmas? Canon EOS Rebel T3i

If you are a Canon fan and you thought the 60D cost too much for what it offered, you will know you were right when you experience the EOS Rebel T3i, its younger and cheaper sibling model. Offering a body that is not quite as well constructed cutting a corner or two, it is a basic camera with a burst of shooting speed. Some reviews speculated it as a little more expensive camera than the T2i, equipped with the addition of an exceptional LCD and good for people that love “auto” mode photography.

No matter how you look at it, the T3i is a good design of its predecessor.  It does seem to cater more to video shooters than those of still photo photography. From cameras to laptops, the industry manufacturers and designers are forcing next generation technology on consumers. Looking at the cost, the T3i weighs in at a great price an just under $600.

While the Canon EOS Rebel T3i offers exceptional video capabilities and image quality, it is a great choice for videographers with its LCD and solid choice for creative still operators. However, if you are looking to shoot a lot of sports or family photos, the T3i may not be able to give you the outcome you are looking for.  If you take both video and still photos, the controls can be difficult and frustrating to get used to using.

Even though it takes some getting used to, it is important to know that the T3i made no compromises on still photo quality. Offering a reliable noise profile like that of the 60D, the unit’s JPEGs come out very clear and vivid.  Noting that you would have to step up to ISO 400 to get good clean outdoor action photos and sufficient shutter speed, it’s a matter of getting familiar with the unit to achieve the results you want to have.

Canon is notorious for processing JPEG formats although it loses some optimization for exposure at the ISO 1600 level. Most of the time photos will look great on the default settings or “auto” shots, but playing with the settings will teach you to maximize your photo shooting potential and educate yourself on how to best use it.  For instance, setting the unit to neutral and raising the sharpening level makes colors come to life as they are accurate and edges are sharper. Metering and exposures are consistent and predictable once you get the T3i set to your application.

You can’t top the video with sharp edges and delivery at 45Mbps speed. Offering the identical exceptional frame rates and exposure controls as the 60D, the T3i allows highlight tone adjustment priority for fine-tuning. Boasting a built in mono mic, the camera actually sounds very good and also offers wind filtering. Users will also enjoy the Video Snapshot feature as featured on Canon camcorders as a bonus so you’ll be able to snap 8 second clips. Check it out.  It just might be what Santa ordered!

Under $1000 Camera for Christmas? Canon EOS Rebel T3i