Monday, September 22, 2014

Apple TV

While Apple has played with television production, like in the case of the Apple TV.  The Apple TV allowed viewers to connect with the net and stream content from YouTube, Netflix, iTunes and several other sites. This box sold as many as 1 million sets. The price is credited as part of its success, having been sold at minimal costs when compared to other comparable devices.

Even though it was a large success, Apple innovators wanted to do more. Although it was originally reported as being designed as just a “hobby”, Apple TV has been reported as being back on the design table. Sources from Apple have shared an exciting new breakthrough. Although it is just speculation at this point, it has been stated that Steve Job reported this breakthrough by saying he had figured out how to produce a truly integrated television. He was said to report his breakthrough shortly before his death.

Another source said that there is a possibility that Apple will incorporate the new iCloud device, an online storage service, into the television. There is even a possibility of the addition of the same voice technology as in the iPhone 4S. The name of this technology is Siri, and if incorporated, could help viewers search for content. With the iCloud, users could store their pictures and video online, straight from the TV.

While television has been evolving towards a completely integrated system, the Siri technology can take a TV viewing experience to an entirely new level. Besides the “cool factor”, a voice operated search option on a TV set can add convenience. User-friendly options like these are exactly what consumers are looking for to better integrate home technologies with busy schedules and family life.

It is reported that Apple already has a prototype built. The rumor is fueled by further reports that Apple is purchasing production and distribution centers. The new Apple TV might be ready for mass production and distribution by 2013. Apple fans are sure to be happy about this.

With the technological advances this box can bring to the table, it can only open the door for more.

Apple TV