Monday, September 22, 2014

Why Claire Holt Really Left the Originals

It was recently announced that Claire Holt, who plays the ancient vampire Rebekah, intends to leave The Originals after her contract—which includes a total of 16 episodes—is over. As soon as this announcement hit cyberspace, however, the fandom was abuzz with rumors and speculation.

Why did Claire Holt leave? Was it an amiable leave? Was she forced out? Some fans speculated that she had become tired with how the character of Rebekah was being written in the show—and, it is true that the character of Rebekah in the current episodes of The Originals is a far cry from the original (no pun intended) direction that the character was taking. Other fans speculated that there may have been some sort of behind the scenes drama with Claire Holt and fellow The Originals actors—or even with the show’s writer.

Rumors that she had been fired from the show, or that she had left in a hurry, circled around and around until no one could be quite sure why Holt was really leaving.


Thankfully, Claire Holt has spoken up about leaving the show—and set the record straight with the truth. Holt, who read about the internet rumors shortly after the announcement, decided she wanted to talk about the issue so that people did not get the wrong idea about her leaving the show.

According to Holt, it was her decision to leave the show–she was not forced out, fired, or otherwise coerced from her role. Claire Holt stated in an interview that she made the tough decision to not renew her contract because she wanted to move closer to home so she could be with her friends, family and other loved ones. “It was a tough choice,” she admitted, “… because I was enjoying myself so much.” Hot also admitted that because of the show’s demanding schedule, she had been unable to visit her home for years and had not been able to visit with her family, which was a crucial factor in her ultimate decision.

Holt also admitted that she reviews her leaving from the show as a “temporary absence.”

This could point to the possibility for Claire—and the character of Rebekah—to return to The Originals or the Vampire Diaries in the future; whether it may be for reoccurring episodes or a special guest spot. Here is to hoping!

Why Claire Holt Really Left the Originals